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This course has been writing for those who wish to teachthemselves Swahili, but have little or no backgroundknowledge of the languageThe easy to follow steps are backed up by regular exerciseswhich practice and develop the student s command ofSwahili The book covers all the important grammar pointsand in addition includes both English Swahili and Swahili English vocabulary lists, a summary of verb tenses, asimplified glossary of grammatical terms and other usefulappendices

15 thoughts on “Simplified Swahili Paper (Longman Language Text)

  1. Sandy S Sandy S says:

    Really great text book Easy to understand and explains the way the language works

  2. Katelijne Van Loy Katelijne Van Loy says:

    I started learning my very first Swahili words from this book To me it s a clear book and the writer takes you step by step to another level.I think it s a very good basic book Haven t finished it yet The writer says if you study for 2 hours a day intensively, you ll manage to speak and write Swahili in 6 months.The reason I didn t give it 5 stars is simply because the dictonary in the back of the book is limited to, I think about a 1000 words Which is enough to start learning the language, but to me there are some words I can t find in this book because of this limitation So for me, I ll have to purchase myself an actual dictionary too.Really a good book My motherlanguage is Nederlands Dutch, and to me it s very accessable because it s really step by step, not too much information at once.

  3. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    This book is great for learning Swahili and I would definitely recommend it to friends.

  4. rosied rosied says:

    excellent book easy to understand I have used this book to speak some swahili when i was in kenya in November

  5. redgyalleyn redgyalleyn says:

    a very easy book i lost myn before for this reason i buy a new otherwise i forget my swahili iff you dont speak et eny

  6. Greenwoodlady Greenwoodlady says:

    Thankyou Mr Wilson Very comprehensive guide Written a long time ago now. reminds me of how language textbooks used to look back in the day showing my age But THANKYOU for answering my questions about Swahili.I have tried other books and they are SO confusing I didn t get any answers as to why words were one way, one minute and another way the next His suggestion that if you find learning the vocab hard, cut up squares of paper and write on them Swahili one side, English the other WORKS I am using card as I have a surplus easier to manage but lots of cutting But I ve learnt the words if you re used to modern language books you ll get a shock with this one But if you want to learn Swahili properly there isn t a lot of choice out there This one is comprehensive. and given the grammar system you need comprehensive Go for this one you ll get the answers and a lot of fun cutting up card Keep at it as this language is just rhythmic and beautiful and totally worth it

  7. Matt Matt says:

    I absolutely love this book It is very old school all black and white with no pictures, but it has everything you need to teach yourself the basics of Swahili It introduces elements of the language bit by bit and each section is backed up with lots of practice examples, the answers for which are all at the back of the book It really reinforces each element as you learn it It places a real emphasis on understanding the language, including the grammar, rather than teaching phrases without explaining how they are created I wish I could find textbooks in the same style for other languages.

  8. traveller traveller says:

    Well recommended

  9. berimbao berimbao says:

    Ich werde eine ausgiebige Kundenrezension vermutlich erst in einigen Monaten schreiben, doch bis jetzt kann ich schon einmal festhalten Wer praktische bungen sucht, sollte ein anderes Buch kaufen Denn oft sollen hier nur einzelne W rter bersetzt werden, oder die bungen sind so kurz, dass man kaum etwas davon hat.Wer dieses Buch nur zus tzlich kauft und allgemeine Grammatik besser verstehen m chte, wird hier sicherlich nicht entt uscht Doch dies ist nur mein erster Eindruck nach etwa einem Monat , mehr kommt sp ter

  10. Nicole Nicole says:

    The book is a perfect guide for learning Swahili Many of my friends who are now fluent Swahili speakers said this is what they used.

  11. toddaroo toddaroo says:

    One of the best books to use to learn Swahili.

  12. Andrew Andrew says:

    I love this book It is simple good title choice , free of silly language gimmicks, well structured and concise It introduces a basic vocabulary of over 1,000 words and deals with challenging subjects, such as the Swahili case system and adjective agreement, in a clear and illuminated style Its 66 chapters are short perfect for short study sessions but packed with all the basic facts you need to get a subject I don t think there was a single dialogue in the entire book, so don t rely on this textbook to practice everyday conversation The best way to do that is to practice with native speakers However, Living Swahili, Pimsleur and Colloquial Swahili are good choices if you want some quality samples of Swahili by native speakers The book uses British English so American readers might be surprised at the spelling and word choice but this will not affect your understanding and enjoyment of the book I own five Swahili textbooks such as Living Swahili and Colloquial Swahili , and three software programs Rosetta Stone, Byki and the Foreign Language Institute course and this is by far my favorite resource However, I must make a few caveats I enjoy learning languages by understanding the grammar structure of a language early on in the process If you have don t know the meaning of object , suffix, infix or an agglutinative language, get ready to doing a little research because although this book is simplified it is not simplistic.

  13. Charles Larry Charles Larry says:

    In the introduction to his book, Wilson claims that 3 months of heads down study will lead to fluency in the language While I disagree with that assessment of the amount of time it takes to learn Swahili, I agree with the general idea behind the statement Swahili is indeed a language that one can teach himself in a relatively short period of time.In order for that to goal to be achieved one must have a good book to learn from I ve looked at several books including the Teach Yourself Swahili book by Joan Russell, Swahili A Complete Course for Beginners by Living Language and Colloquial Swahili The Complete Course for Beginners by Lutz Marten and Donovan Mcgrath Given my choice of just one book, I would take Wilson s Simplified Swahili His explanation is thorough and the order in which topics are introduced is excellent with a few minor exceptions.The book contains exercises at the end of the lessons and there are answers at the back of the book to check your work I also appreciate the fact that Wilson s vocabulary lists contain for the most part essential vocabulary words That is to say that there are not many words in the lists which are not particularly useful So, the student can study the words provided in the knowledge that he will use those words extensively in ordinary conversation.This book has been around for 30 years or and it seems that it is still going strong That says a lot about its quality I recommend the book without hesitation.

  14. T. Ali T. Ali says:

    We bought the book to learn Swahili so that we can speak to people in their mother tongue about God s Word the Bible We have many in our area that speak Swahili and truly appreciate it when you speak to them in the language of their heart The lessons are well done and we have just begun to use it.

  15. JustineEmily JustineEmily says:

    I bought this book in preparation for a 4 month Swahili course in Tanzania, and it s fantastic If I was disciplined, I could probably have taught myself the language using this book It s accurate and well explained and I often found it to be useful than the textbooks provided by the language school I attended If you buy 1 book to help you learn Swahili, this should be it.