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From the beginning, the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary was intended to be an abridgement of the full Oxford English Dictionary The first editor, William Little, was appointed inHe worked on it until his death in , after which the dictionary was completed by H W Fowler, Jessie Coulson, and C T Onions The First Edition was published in , in two volumesThe Second Edition, published in , contained about , revisions and additions The Third Editioncontained an appendix of addenda and corrigenda, and this edition was reprinted several times with corrections and additions, the most significant being in , with enlarged addenda now running to overpages and a major revision of all the etymologiesThe New Shorter was prepared under the editorship of Lesley Brown It was the first complete revision of the dictionary, being in fact not so much an overhaul of the existing text as a reabridgement of the OED and its Supplements The Fifth Edition was published in , and reverted to the name Shorter Oxford English Dictionary to emphasize the link between thisvolume dictionary and the originalvolume OEDThe Sixth Edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary provides a complete update of this unique reference work Based on thevolume Oxford English Dictionary, the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary contains an incredible one third of the coverage of the Oxford English Dictionary, is just one tenth of the size, and includes all words in current English fromto the present day, plus the vocabulary of Shakespeare, the Bible and other major works in English from before The new edition, with a new introductory essay by language expert David Crystal on the History of English, includes , new words and senses, plus thousands of antedatings of existing words, drawing on the huge ongoing research project for the Oxford English Dictionary and the wealth of information on language in use provided by the Oxford English Corpus In addition, the work includes many new quotations from recent authors, a refreshed design, and a complete review of spelling forms and defining vocabulary, making it the most authoritative reference work available for both modern and historical EnglishFor scholars and everyone with a serious interest in the English language, the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary is an unrivalled resource, providing a unique description of the historical development of the language together with excellent coverage of current English The Sixth Edition showcases the best of the traditional strengths of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, while bringing it up to date in its scholarship and research, in the design and layout, and in its treatment of the changing face of English Containsthan , words, phrases, and definitions, with coverage of language from the entire English speaking world, from North America and the UK to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and the Caribbean Fully updated with , new words and meanings based on the ongoing research programme of Oxford Dictionaries and the Oxford English Corpus Contains all the vocabulary current in general English fromto the present day, as well as earlier major literary works, including Shakespeare, Milton s poetry, the Authorized Version of the Bible, and Spenser s Faerie Queene Excellent coverage of all types of English encompassing slang, dialect words, technical, historical, and literary terms, and rare and obsolete words Contains over , quotations illustrating words in use throughout the centuries and thousands of newly discovered antedatings based on the ongoing research for the OED A never before published, introductory essay by the eminent language commentator David Crystal on the History of English provides a stimulating insight into the development of the English language Completely refreshed design and layout highlights the links between meanings and quotations for ease of use and aesthetic appeal

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