Free Prime SerboCroatian-English Dictionary (SerboCroatian-English Dictionary 2 Volume Set)Author With Biljana Sljivic Simsic Edited by Morton Benson –

This book is a large and comprehensive dictionary providing SerboCroatian equivalents of the English lexicon, including nearly , English headwords and , phrases, idioms, and collocations It shows the accents of all headwords and forms The vocabulary represents the speech of educated speakers and of the daily press The dictionary pays special attention to the differences between the Eastern variety of SerboCroatian with Belgrade as its centre and the Western variety with Zagreb as its centre The Bosnian variety with Sarajevo as its centre shares features of other varieties The English defining vocabulary clearly distinguishes between American and British English This edition includes a large number of neologisms, including essential computer terms The dictionary is the best available guide for speakers of SerboCroatian who wish to learn to express themselves in correct, idiomatic English, and for speakers of English who are learning SerboCroatian at any level

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