[Free Audiobooks] Semi-Riemannian Geometry with Applications to Relativity (Pure and Applied Mathematics)Author Barrett O Neill – Z55z.co

ok This is a classic book on what the title is about Others have dealt adequately with the content, so I will focus instead on the production value In short, the book looks and feels like a set of photocopies glued together by a little kid the cover is just like it was written up in a page of word, printed out and glued together with the rest For a book that costs 125 dollars, that s absolutely unacceptable Unfortunately, customers have no way of knowing these details, and greedy, unscrupulous publishers Academic Press, An Imprint of Elsevier get away with what, in my mind, amounts to theft should hire a professional book binder to comment on the quality of the books at least of expensive ones such lack of professionalism should be punished. Professor O Neill was my teacher and PhD supervisor He was the best teacher I or anyone else ever had First of all he knew the material as it should be known, namely through clean coordinate free geometric understanding afterwards the coordinates can be chosen when specific local calculations are needed Secondly, he was able to assemble the material and express it cleanly and clearly.Everybody should know the basics of this material, so that the geometric content of the Calculus will finally become common knowledge This knowledge is beautiful, powerful, clean and simple I mean you professional mathematicians and pedagogues across the world, as well as students and all people who need to use mathematics to solve problems, should know these basics They were known to the classical mathematicians, even if they could not make it explicit or communicate it directly Modern day pedagogues are still writing and teaching all about coordinates even when they have nothing to do with the discussion at hand Mathematics needs to catch up to where it was in the past. This book is the real deal when it comes to semi Riemannian geometry and in particular the Lorentz manifolds for general relativity The only book I have ever seen which gives the topic a complete and rigorous treatment. Was hoping for some material about holonomy groups, development of curves, Minkowski structures etc Also, should take about Lorentz coordinates in the chapter on special relativity.The book is however well written, well planned and informative otherwise. Yep, it s the book he wanted. This Book Is An Exposition Of Semi Riemannian Geometry Also Called Pseudo Riemannian Geometry The Study Of A Smooth Manifold Furnished With A Metric Tensor Of Arbitrary Signature The Principal Special Cases Are Riemannian Geometry, Where The Metric Is Positive Definite, And Lorentz Geometry For Many Years These Two Geometries Have Developed Almost Independently Riemannian Geometry Reformulated In Coordinate Free Fashion And Directed Toward Global Problems, Lorentz Geometry In Classical Tensor Notation Devoted To General Relativity More Recently, This Divergence Has Been Reversed As Physicists, Turning Increasingly Toward Invariant Methods, Have Produced Results Of Compelling Mathematical Interest