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In , slow E commerce sites cost their ownersbillion in lost revenue and site failures have embarrassed companies from Britannica to eBay, Victoria s Secret to Charles Schwab In Scaling for e Business, two of the world s leading Web performance experts present powerful techniques for characterizing, predicting, anticipating, and addressing every aspect of E commerce site performance Scaling for e Business demonstrates how to characterize E commerce workloads accurately than any book published yet It clearly demonstrates techniques for analyzing the performance of authentication and payment services modeling contention for software servers modeling and planning for communications infrastructure and most importantly, forecasting and addressing peak demand Finally, the Web E Commerce developer will discover how to evaluate and project the long term impact of changes in his her site visitor profile even the growth of non PC devices and traffic from intelligent agents such as comparative shopping bots

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    This is the best introduction for newcomers to the field of performance and capacity modelling for computers and associated networks It is a book that immediately delivers value and allows a firm basis for the analysis to be demonstrated A superb stepping stone into the mathematical treatments by Jain, Fortier etc.

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    This is one of a series of books about performance and capacity metrics by the authors Each of their books covers a specific environment client server, mainframes, web services , and each explains the theory, quantitative methods and practical approaches using common tools like Microsoft Excel.This book s focus is on performance and capacity of applications in the e commerce infrastructure, and like the other books by the authors, it covers every facet while explaining the what s and why s More importantly, this book will not overwhelm readers who are rusty in math because the authors weave in refresher material as they go along.What makes this book valuable is the blend of business and technical topics, particularly in Part I where business models are thoroughly discussed I personally believe that this material is as important as the technically focused material in subsequent chapters because it wakes up the technical reader as to why their job of developing scalable solutions is important by linking the technical aspects to business imperatives.Parts II Evaluating E Business Infrastructure and Services and III Capacity Planning for E Business are the heart of the technical matter, and the chapters systematically dissect each aspect of an e commerce infrastructure from the application layer point of view This is where quantitative methods are introduced and where the value of the spreadsheets on the CD ROM increase Note that there are up to date versions of these spreadsheets on the book s associated website, as well as errata for the book.Practical considerations that blend the business and technical perspectives are presented in Part IV Models of Specific E Business Segments This chapter consists of case studies that tie together all of the preceding material using real world examples.Because this book is focused on performance and capacity at the application and business model layer, you should read the authors newest book, Capacity Planning for Web Services Metrics, Models, and Methods That book covers the lower level details of the infrastructureto round out the picture of an end to end view of performance and capacity management.

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    Good book, and it provides good information.