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Great book His pun filled humor is really well translated into text form. My sister has been begging for this definitely a good buy An unconventional, irreverent, yet heartfelt memoir by Ryan Higa, one of the top creators on YouTube With pictures And illustrations And, y know, words Now a New York Times bestseller I know you re used to seeing me on the Internet, but here I am, coming at you in book form You might be asking yourself, A book You Why Listen, I m as surprised about it as you are But I have a story to tell that I believe will help inspire people who are going through tough times And I couldn t be the only YouTuber without a book, could I This is the story of how I went from being a relatively happy kids to being depressed and angry and filled with dark thoughts This is also the story of how I found my way to a happier life But wait, there s You re not only getting my story but you ll also learn to write well, from a college dropout who struggled in basic level English classes and still became a legit, Best Sailing Author That wasn t a typo I plan to buy a boat one daybut probably not anytime soon This book might not cell good Brought it for a friend so I only read the first page but seems like Ryan s humour is carried across well Very good quality hardback, pages are nice and shiny, not flimsy at all. Great for any fan of Nigahiga It was a short read but overall great, funny, and inspirational Great for teens, kids, adults, or anyone really. A1 Was a good read if you are a fan of Ryan Wished we got an insight on his friends and career The cartoons in the book were a bit annoying Just received it yesterday, opened it up and read This book is the essence of Ryan Higa, you can hear his voice as you read It s amazing, a great read with lots of humour and illustrations not only does he take you on a journey of a delicate period in his young life but a journey on the process of him writing a book I can relate to some of the issues that he faced in his childhood, chances are most people can too This book is a great source of inspiration Watched Nigahiga since How to be Ninja and this book was a great insight to how it came to be, also has helped me realise a lot of things about myself Bought one for my friend too and she loved it