Prime Russian Phrases For Dummies –

Traveling in a foreign country such as Russia suddenly becomes a lot exciting when you can engage in elegant small talk with the locals Russian Phrases For Dummies is your handy guide to everyday words and phrases you can start using immediately to make your visit rewarding and a whole lot easier This user friendly phrasebook will jump start your comprehension and have you speaking basic Russian in no time Its quick and easy approach gives you language fundamentals up front, the Words to Know section helps you find the right word fast, and the easy to use pronunciation key helps other people understand what you re trying to say You ll learn how to Get directions, shop, and eat out Talk numbers, dates, and time Chat about family and work Discuss sports and the weather Deal with problems and emergencies Pronounce familiar English words and phrases in Russian and English Beware of words that sound to English but don t mean the same thing Read signs that use the Russian alphabet Follow the conventions of Russian pronunciation Use basic Russian grammar correctly Keep ten commonly used Russian phrases on the tip of your tongue Use basic telephone vocabulary and send letters, emails, and faxes Don t have time to study the language before you get to Russia No worries Just flip through Russian Phrases For Dummies, find the section that fits your needs, and start talking I bought this as a secret santa for a friend studying russian Language at university and to my surprise she is finding it very useful, which leads me to believe it might be a little to advanced for a beginner I am going to Russia and I bought this hoping to learn some necessary phrases and words for a short stay Whilst this book is excellent for someone going to be in Russia for several week, and it is excellently clear as to pronunciation etc, for quick use is not ideal as phrases are not grouped finely enough Never one to run down Dummies, who I think do good stuff, this book for my personal use was too complicated and intense on grammar and the like Very helpful.