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This handbook is devoted entirely to Russian motion verbs, a notoriously complex and difficult area of grammar for English speaking students William J Mahota provides a thorough treatment of verb forms for students in the second and third years of Russian language study, integrating text and workbook exercises in each chapter of the book By using up to date examples and colloquial language, Mahota s handbook aims to prepare the intermediate student to use comfortably the everyday Russian heard in conversation on the street and in the home For the growing numbers of students traveling to Russia to live and study, facile use of motion verbs will contribute much to their communication skills Designed to complement any standard intermediate level textbook, this handbook focuses first on unprefixed verbs and then on prefixed verbs Mahota sets up a variety of lesson techniques, such as completion exercises, translations, and pattern exercises designed for oral drill For some assignments, the student is asked to focus on morphology, for others on lexical choices, and for still others on morphology and lexical choice at the same time Three appendixes supply conjugations, additional motion verbs, and additional prefixes a glossary contains English Russian as well as Russian English words

10 thoughts on “Russian Motion Verbs for Intermediate Students (Yale Language Series)

  1. Alistair Alistair says:

    What an amazing shame this seems by far the best book on Russian verbs of motion, and is beautifully laid out and well explained and illustrated with thoughtful exercises BUT There are 16 blank pages at the back but no answer key so this is fairly useless for self learners A very great shame.

  2. Mr BW Mr BW says:

    I ve been studying Russian for seven years now in school and college, going on to study it at university etc and I ve used many different books about grammar and how to use verbs This is definately one of the best out there It has just the right amount of excersises and analysis and description The book takes a very simplistic approach, and so it doesn t confuse you with over complicated language, but it also doesn t patronise you It is great I wasn t expecting it to be as good as it was when I bought it It is really suitable for any level, up until the level where you already know all of the verbs of motion and how they change.A truly great book.

  3. Annmarie Whale Annmarie Whale says:

    My husband loves this book and thanks me for the gift every time he uses it to study He is a word person and loves sentences structure like a auto mechanic loves to work on engines It s all Greek to me.

  4. Abby Anderson Abby Anderson says:

    This book does an excellent job of explaining the Russian motion verbs There are plenty of examples to back up well presented explanations The author thoroughly covers the nuances and shades of meaning of the motion verbs in a compact book that doesn t waste the reader s time The only problem with the book is that there is no answer key for the exercises This somewhat limits the book s usefulness if you are trying to study Russian on your own Overall, this book is well worth the money.

  5. rushinlurner rushinlurner says:

    The explanations and exercises in this book are clear, concise and easy to understand But how on earth did they omit the key to exercises It greatly diminshes the books value that you cannot check the answers to verify if you are learning this very important topic correctly I would have expected better from a reputable university.

  6. Nick Kinkel Nick Kinkel says:

    I assumed there would be an answer key, and I carelessly went ahead and purchased before checking The book has many examples and useful information, but I am studying by myself, and so the exercises are useless, without a teacher and a classroom setting.

  7. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Very comprehensive presentation of Russian verbs of motion, both in their main usage and in idiomatic usage Thereare many excercises for each section, but unfortunately, there are no answers in the Appendix, so no fifth star.

  8. Mela Mela says:

    So, do you like vers of motion This book is great for going through the many prefixes for verbs of motion My instructor used this book to teach, but she also gave us meanings, including idioms, not given in the book Would highly recommend the book.

  9. Connie Everhart Connie Everhart says:

    I totally love this book, it is very, very useful in my study of Russian

  10. Abel Monteiro Abel Monteiro says:

    Congratulations to all of I bought and received the material here in Brazil and within the stipulated period without any problem I recommend this shopping site to everyone because operates with great responsibility in this competitive market purchases via the Internet Thank you all Abel Monteiro