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Russian Made Easy LessonYouTube Welcome to Russian Made Easy If you have any doubts about your ability to learn Russian, you can set them aside right now The fact is, your success in the language has nothing to do with whether Russian Made Simple AbeBooks Russian Cases Made Simple is a practical guide designed to help Russian language learners to master one of the most complicated subjects of Russian language grammatical cases Written by a native speaker for those who want to learn Russian, this book contains explanations of each grammatical case and all ways of use The teaching material is practically oriented all instructions and explanations are Russian Made Easy YouTubeRussian Made Easy YouTube Russian Made Easyvideos , views Last updated on Nov ,Play all Share Loading Save Sign in to YouTube Sign in Russian Made Easy Lessonby Russian Made Russian Made Easy Learn Russian Quickly and Russian Language teaching expert Mark Thomson has taught thousands of people to speak Russian with his various online Russian courses and programs Mark has created this podcast for learning Russian specifically for beginners who would like to start speaking and understanding Russian right away Podcast notes, additional exercise audios, and videos for learning Russian can be found at the home of the Russian Made Easy Podcast RussianMadeEasy Russian Made Simple Booksby Jackson itemRussian Made Simple Books by Gordon, Elizabeth Bartlett Paperback Book The Russian Made Simple Books by Gordon, Elizabeth Bartlett Paperback Book TheFree shipping No ratings or reviews yet Be the first to write a review Best Selling in Fiction Literature See all Current slide CURRENTSLIDE of TOTALSLIDES Best Selling in Fiction Literatureby George

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  1. Mr Horst Holstein Mr Horst Holstein says:

    As a student of Russian, on and off for 50 years, I found this book enormously refreshing It is not too ambitious, but what it does cover is systematic and reader friendly The somewhat stereotyped examples are excellent for learning and for reinforcement of learning The book is a model for self tuition Issues of grammar are clearly explained The complexity of the material is gradually developed and expanded The student feels that each new step is built on solid foundations All the texts and exercises have translations solutions, and the vocabularies are extensive, to make the book self contained This is a very strong point in its favour The reader is not forced to spend time to draw on external sources, and there is a readily available internal trail from the later to the earlier chapters Personally, as a advanced student, I could easily delve into the later chapters and undertake the exercises But there were inevitable gaps in my knowledge Here I found the book very helpful, in allowing me to fill these gaps without the distraction of extensive internet searches This book by itself will not make you a competent Russian linguist, nor does it prepare you for the richness of spoken Russian For that you will need access to wider sources and speakers What it does do is to make the foundations accessible and pleasurable, from which you will want to expand to start experiencing the freshness of contemporary Russian, its poetry, literature and folklore.

  2. worldwidewag worldwidewag says:

    I found this book for cheap in a random book shop, having been trying to learn Russian on and off for about a year My problem with a lot of Russian courses is that they introduce grammar and vocabulary very quickly, with a lot of explanation but leaving little room to practice You might get some passive understanding this way, but to actually produce the language yourself it needs to be ingrained and not just understood.So I picked this up thinking that at least it might give me some extra exercises, but I ve now switched to this from my other course books It goes at exactly the right pace, introducing a lot of cognate vocabulary up front so you ve quickly got a wide enough range a few hundred words to practice the grammar, which is introduced in bite size chunks There are plenty of exercises to practice every point, gradually demanding of the student so you might start with multiple choice answers, then yes no questions in Russian, and finally open questions.Every lesson is modest enough to be completed in a day, so the whole exercise looks manageable In other courses where a lesson might encapsulate an entire grammatical rule, or set of vocab or whatever, I d give up in the middle.The pronunciation guide is also pretty accurate The book says cassettes are available but I m sure they re long out of print Anyway, you can use other courses and the internet for that.Finally the book s good because it s honest about its aims It says it s designed to get you a vocabulary of about 1000 words and a basic command of grammar, something like GCSE level It s true that with languages like Spanish, courses can succeed at getting you to A level standard and beyond very quickly, because there are so many similarities to English and tricks you can employ Although there are a surprising number of cognates in Russian, and the grammar while intricate is quite regular, you can t hope to fast track the language this way Courses that try to just leave you with a thin grasp and little confidence This book is giving me a kernel of knowledge that I m sure I can use, and that s the only way to start really.

  3. Reginald Hefner Reginald Hefner says:

    This book was excellent for use in a Russian language study group at Shippensburg University from 2011 to 2015 Since Russian is not offered at Shippensburg University, I used it to help students interested in Russian to learn Russian from scratch and to maintain and improve their skills if they already had some Russian It can be used very effectively in conjunction with a Russian Graded Reader I IV published by the D.C Heath and Co It would be great if there were audio recordings, but I simply made some audio cassettes for students yes, cassettes I believe they are superior to CD for students first learning CD s are fine if you already know it and want to review.

  4. Paul Paul says:

    This is an excellent book for learning Russian

  5. michael epstein michael epstein says:

    my favorite language learning books I haver many of the old large format black and whitesthis size is convenient don t know if Mr Jackson is still around but kudos anyway