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This language textbook is designed to give the reader a working knowledge of Russian within three months I bought this as a Christmas gift for a dear person who enjoys folk dancing THIS TAPE WAS HORRIBLE OUTDATED AND NONE OF THE DANCERS OR THE MIUSIC WAS INJOYABLE I THINK YOU SHOUL D STOP SELLING IT AND FEEL EXPLOITED II WISH I CAN GET MY MONEY BACK BUT THEY HAD NOT VIEWED IT UNTIL FEBUARY THE DESCRIPTION DOES NOT REFLECT HOW AMATEUR THE WHOLE THING IS DO NOT BUY THIS I bought this for my dad because he wanted to learn a language while he was driving to from Boston and Hartford on an almost weekly basis However, it s not just cassettes you need to be able to open up and read the book that s included So, if you re still using cassettes in your car, it s perfectly fine, although I can t say how well it teaches you Russian. Great book.