[ read online pdf ] Russian Composition Notebook College Ruled: Writer's Notebook for Schools, Teachers, Offices, Students (8"x10") Russian Flag, Perfect Bound, 110 PagesAuthor Composition Notebookers – Z55z.co

Inspire your language learning and journaling by this themed notebook Russian Composition Notebook College Ruled Writer s Notebook for Schools, Teachers, Offices, Studentsx Russian Flag, Perfect Bound,Pages is giving you its cool featuresthan any common notebooks could give Writers Readers companion All lines in this book are in dark grey, instead of pure black, so the lines are less distracting when you take notes and when you re read them later Also, with the word Russian printed at the front cover, you can have this book be your notes in any Russian related writings Inspiring design Color theme of the language and the composition notebook design style are the perfect combination that would sure to inspire you to write what you have learnt about the language or compose stories you would love to write in Russian and re read to improve your language It could also serve as a great journal of your learning of Russian, or a diary of your upcoming trip to Russia Functional size With dimension ofx xcm , the book size is close to an A paper, with a little shorter in height Containingpages to write on, the book provides enough space for comprehensive or sequential notes, while it is light enough to be carried along comfortably by anyone Great for either classroom studies or for simply jotting down anything while travelling Reliable standards Book industry perfect binding the same standard binding as the books in your local library Tough matte paperback Crisp white paper, with quality that minimizes ink bleed through The book is great for either pen or pencil users All lines in every page are in compliance with Medium ruled or so called College ruled paper standard, which has inchmm spacing between horizontal lines, and a vertical margin drawninchesmm from the left hand edge of all pages Russian Composition Notebook College Ruled is a good quality notebook that would make taking notes easier and keep your valuable works with you longer Stay organized The st page has been reserved for optional table of contents which, once used with the page numbers already printed at the top corners of every page, you can create a Table of Contents of your own, which will make browsing and finding a needful information in the book become much easier You can also organize your lectures, plan your writing and write contents in chapters, with your Table of Contents Plus, this book comes withplaces one at the box in the front cover, and the other at the book spine that you can write your personal book volume numbers, so once this notebook is being used up, you can write its volume number before continuation on the next The result is a collection of the works that you developed over the years, neatly organized on shelf, and that you can be proud of Russian Composition Notebook College Ruled would make a perfect gift for yourself for your language learning, teaching, or journaling any topics relative to Russian, while it would also make a great gift for friends classmates students with whom you share the same Russian learning journeys