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The Berlitz Essential course is now available with an audio CD and bonus online activities at no extra cost This interactive course features twenty engaging lessons, along with regular review sections that allow you to monitor your progress The audio CD features native speakers to ensure correct pronunciation and the online activities allow you to practise and test yourself at your leisure

12 thoughts on “Russian Berlitz Essential (Berlitz Essentials)

  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    Not too bad for a beginner.

  2. C. Houghton C. Houghton says:

    Probably the best teach yourself book there is

  3. Jaume Jaume says:

    Of all the books I started to use to learn this challenging language, I must say this one is the best by far to start learning Russian It comes with a CD and clear explanations Recommended a milion times.

  4. Simon D Simon D says:

    Good elementary book that concentrates on the basics The dialogues in each chapter with a Russian cyrillic variant,a phonetic variant and English translation Good vocabulary summary at the end of each chapter I would recommend thisbook as a useful addition to the beginner intermediate Russian studiers library

  5. daisy daisy says:

    I wanted to learn some Russian for some travels I felt the situation and the language used were formal often in business situations.

  6. Yelena P. Francis Yelena P. Francis says:

    Not the best Russian language textbook, but acceptable.

  7. S. Davis S. Davis says:

    I m pretty good with languages, all in all, and I appreciate that the authors want listeners to really have a feel for the actual speed of the language as spoken by those using it But this is kind of demoralizing There are lots of rather unique sounds in Russian Not necessarily sounds that don t exist in English, but just sounds that show up in places an English speaker might not be used to hearing them And that means the beginner trying to work with this gets humbled very quickly here It would be nice to have gotten maybe a couple of introductory chapters to help the student get some of the sound combinations down before getting into fast conversations.

  8. avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer says:

    I have used this book with several of my students and they all love it The book comes with the CD with the recorded parts of the lessons This is fantastic for the price.

  9. Roy J Carver Roy J Carver says:

    I like it I is well organized.

  10. Whowrotewhat Whowrotewhat says:

    I use it to teach Russian immigrants the English language I focus on the vocabulary each chapter offers and then the dialogue Pairs of students read the dialogue so after hearing it a half dozen times, they can visualize the conversation.

  11. hidemitsu nikaido hidemitsu nikaido says:

    Remember this language is cyrillic and slavic.Therefore, the basic pronunciation, grammer, expressions and cultures are important to start this relatively unpopular language.This book meets those requirements.The difficult parts of this language such as verb conjugation and noun cases are well explained.I ve studied two weeks from zero and now I positively speak to Russian tourists in my area Guam USA.My pronunciation sounds good for them.A good book Highly recommended.