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14 thoughts on “Ruslan Russian 1: Student Workbook To Accompany The Ruslan 1 Course Book (Book & CD)

  1. Iota Iota says:

    The Workbook is bigger than the course book, and contains a lot of pictures supplemental to the main text I think the idea is that the exercises and answer spaces would make the course book seem daunting if they were within the same cover, and possibly disrupt the flow.Top marks to for fast delivery.

  2. Katie Hill Katie Hill says:

    Great book to coincide with my Russian class that i attend on a weekly basis Has lots of hints and tips for learning and improving and exercises throughout.

  3. roberta roberta says:

    this seems to be the ideal introductory course with good explanations and examples with the CD as well should make quick progress

  4. Porky Pig Porky Pig says:

    Excellent..just as I thought

  5. DecipherArtist DecipherArtist says:

    Fantastic product and exactly what you need when starting out.

  6. MJS MJS says:

    really good for beginners

  7. Leslie White Leslie White says:

    Excellent learning tool

  8. G. TAYLOR G. TAYLOR says:

    Make sure you order the version with the CD ROM attached not much use without it and its hard to find the CD separately

  9. MoreTeaVicar MoreTeaVicar says:

    Ich htte persnlich Schwierigkeiten gehabt, mir die Schreibweise vieler russichen Wrter zu merken, wenn ich nicht zustzlich zum Lehrbuch auch das Workbook gekauft htte Meine Tochter arbeitet gerne mit dem Heft, es ist nicht zu trocken, bei vielen bungen geht es darum, Wrter im Kyrillischen zu entziffern, deren Bedeutung eigentlich ber andere europische Sprachen leicht zu erraten ist Das hilft im allgemeinen beim Lesen und man eignet das Vokabular leicht an.Since these books are written for English speakers, it might help if I explain in English that the workbook is not just for people who want to learn to read and write Russian Even if your aim is to get by using the language orally, it does help to do the extra exercises in the workbook For one thing, you get fluent at reading Cyrillic which would be a help reading signs and generally finding your way around in Russia Apart from that, the workbook includes a lot of vocabulary not introduced in the textbook itself, so I think it is well worth getting The exercises aren t dry or repetitive They are on the lines of the exercises you get in the textbook but of them basically.

  10. Fabs Fabs says:

    Superproduit Conforme a la description

  11. skullmann skullmann says:

    Used by many College beginning Russian courses, including the USAF Academy.

  12. stourjohn stourjohn says:

    Very good book but you really need a teacher as well.

  13. Carter L. Carter L. says:

    It s a good book.

  14. Lynne Portess Lynne Portess says:

    It s great, perfect Thank you so much