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What future are we unfolding in our world today Where are we going as a civilization Whether you are looking for information, insight, or answers regarding the future of our world and where we are going as a people, Robes is the book for you First published in the s, this is the true story of a group of little men in brown robes who visited author Penny Kelly over and showed her pictures of the future In a series of sixteen visits, the Robes showed Kelly information on a stunning array of topics that run from changing weather and war, to the break up of nations and the rise of business to power These were scenes of global change at every level Also included were everything from education, food, famine, and population to trade, ecological destruction, sexuality, and the hidden potential within the human being Embedded within each visit was a massive amount of information about the ongoing growth and evolution of the human, a look at why things change, the need for a return to inner authority and personal responsibility, and the urging of the little men for human beings to embrace the future as something that needed to be created wisely and well If you are curious about the future of the world, the US the family, financial markets, or your potential as a human being, Robes will shake your perceptions and inspire you to move toward the future with power and grace This is a book of global dimensions that offers a compelling look at world events over the st century and beyond By turns startling, comforting, enlightening, and unnerving, it probes the rise of business to power and the accompanying changes in nations and their governments The most important thing for you to remember as you look at these events is that things could be so much easier if you worked with the changes instead of against them For you to work with them, however, you must have some idea of why these things are happening, and where you are going as an evolving population of human beings the Robes Other forces arising to pressure your nations will be the rise of a global network which will facilitate the passing back and forth of ideas, decisions, and trade outside the circle of government This network will eventually be joined over the entire planet and will be used in an ever growing manner to manage many aspects of life and daily routine, including de structuring of the nations and restructuring of people into smaller, self governing groups It will coordinate the actions of your people, and be used to send huge numbers of messages to those in Washington DC and elsewhere, announcing the intentions of the populace It will also facilitate a great deal of trade between all peoples of the world, bypassing governments and giant corporations from Robes

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