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A Handsome Annotated Edition Of Einstein S Celebrated Book On Relativity After Completing The Final Version Of His General Theory Of Relativity In November , Albert Einstein Wrote Relativity Intended For A Popular Audience, The Book Remains One Of The Most Lucid Explanations Of The Special And General Theories Ever Written This Edition Of Einstein S Celebrated Book Features An Authoritative English Translation Of The Text Along With Commentaries By Hanoch Gutfreund And Jurgen Renn That Examine The Evolution Of Einstein S Thinking And Cast His Ideas In A Modern Context Providing Invaluable Insight Into One Of The Greatest Scientific Minds Of All Time, The Book Also Includes A Unique Survey Of The Introductions From Past Editions, Covers From Selected Early Editions, A Letter From Walther Rathenau To Einstein Discussing The Book, And A Revealing Sample From Einstein S Original Handwritten Manuscript

7 thoughts on “Relativity: The Special and the General Theory - 100th Anniversary Edition

  1. Daniele Cadorin Daniele Cadorin says:

    Es la publicaci n de Einstein tal como la produjo tras un trabajo f sico de las matem ticas Resulta f cil de entenderlo y es recomendable leer El camino hacia la relatividad de Hanoch Gutfreund y J rgen Renn para conocer el proceso intelectual de Einstein para llegar a su versi n rezumada de la relatividad general.

  2. Antonio Patron Antonio Patron says:

    Mi comentario negativo va referido, no al contenido del libro, sino a su terminaci n El borde largo de las p gina no est bien cortado en realidad, creo que no ha sido cortado una vez compuesto el libro , por lo que las p ginas tienen ancho ligeramente diferente, y se hace insufrible pasar p gina Un libro de esta categor a no merece una encuadernaci n tan defectuosa.

  3. Pat Pat says:

    The content is five stars I regularly give this book as a gift to curious minds.This one has good print copy, so five stars it staysPlus, I love the feel of the hard cover, and the finish on the page edges gives it a great character.This one I keep for myself.

  4. W.A.H. W.A.H. says:

    I ve browsed this book, which will be my next read I purchased this book based on my current read, Einstein by Walter Isaacson, published by Simon Relativity The Special will be way over my head, but even so it will find a welcome place next to Einstein in my own library.

  5. Michael Kirk Michael Kirk says:

    I very much enjoyed this book It expanded my understanding on the theory of relativity by Einstein s own hand, which is what I was searching for when I purchased the book I also especially enjoyed the later sections, which help the reader understand the concepts as written As a published author of eBooks, I find it appalling that a reader would attack this book and author by a one star rating just because he doesn t believe in the theory That s like attacking Dairy Queen because you don t like ice cream It s completely unwarranted and juvenile And despite this person s raving arguments against the theory, yes, the theory is proven even 100 years later by people much smarter than you The atomic clocks on the international space station are slow by 0.007 seconds every six months, and the GPS satellites are ever so slightly faster because they are in geosynchronous orbit same speed but less gravity So yes, the theory is proven and the book is a great representation of what it is So thanks to the author for a well organized and informative book You get 5 stars from me.

  6. enlighten enlighten says:

    This book gives you answer after answer and very easy reading

  7. HMC HMC says: