Free epub Red Star over Russia: A Visual History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the Death of Stalin –

Through an amazing array of posters, photographs, paintings, magazines, book jackets, advertisements, pamphlets and other rare ephemera, Red Star Over Russia tells the story of the Soviet Union, from the Russian Revolution to the death of Stalin During this period Soviet citizens endured revolutionary upheavals, civil war, Nazi invasion, famine and appalling oppression For countless millions, revolutionary dreams were transformed into unspeakable tragedy Yet it was also a time of intense creativity, in which the hopes, aspirations and revolutionary fervour of a people were captured in an extraordinary outpouring of visual material Universally acclaimed on its publication in , David King s masterful book is the fruit of overyears of research In it, he rescues many of the unsung heroes of the epic struggles that shaped the Soviet Union from obscurity and commemorates the talent of some of the most brilliant artists, photographers and designers of the twentieth century I have all of David King s books I recommend them all HIGHLY.This is the extraordinarily stunning visual history of the Soviet PR advertising machine that sold brutal oppression to the masses The iconography the Soviet made use of is first rate I suppose it had to be to cloak the horror of the gulags, forced famines, random executions, paranoia and the Great Terror.I suppose this book s moral is to beware of putting form above substance Soviet Russia s iconography is the greatest example of spin doctoring in history. This is a really well compiled book and if this period of history is your cup of tea then the many photos, artwork and commentaries will give you hours of pleasure I went to the associated exhibition which was decent, but quite small there is a lot in this book The book is big enough to show the pictures in decent detail, and can be picked up put down for a quick browse or a detailed read Very good. If, having read the likes of Robert Conquest s The Great Terror , you ve been fascinated appalled by the scale of Stalin s crimes against the Soviet Union, you ll be interested in this book Perhaps most chilling are the mugshots of Zinoviev, Kamenev, Serebryakov and Pyatakov prior to their trials It would be difficult to imagine the horrors they went through at the hands of NKVD thugs, although one can guess, judging by the expression on the faces of Zinoviev and Pyatakov.An excellent addition to the literature on the Soviet Union until Stalin s death, and a companion piece to King s earlier work, The Commissar Vanishes , also highly recommended. An excellent book amazing pictures, chronologically ordered, with historical narrative of Communism and detailed information about each picture.