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My name is Pamela Zimmer, and I beat Postpartum Depression It was a long, hard journey, but I did it And I have one message for you, whoever you are Everything s going to be okay For one in five women, the joy of motherhood is a mirage that seems further away with every step you take toward it Postpartum Depression PPD is thecomplication of childbirth, yet millions of women suffer through it alone You are not alone And no matter how it feels, you are not to blame I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, and abestselling author I am an expert in PPD and a mentor to women My heart is open to you I have been where you are, and I m here to offer you honesty, hope, and happiness This is the book that I wish I d had while fighting my own battle In these pages, I share the story of how I defeated PPD, and how you can too This book offers hope and healing, and a practical pathway to happiness for anyone going through PPD It also offers insight for family and friends seeking to understand what their loved ones are going through Let my experience become a source of strength and wisdom that will help you find your way out of the darkness Join me on my journey, and reclaim YOUR joy of motherhood