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When I began to read this book it was not that interesting because it was not Morgan narrating the story but as I got deeper in the story it turned out that Alisa does really have a strong voice although I have to say I preferred the part when Read in 2004Read in 2015Read in 20172017 Review LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK TO DEATH Another 5 star book I m glad to see that 2015 me also agreed with that rating This book was a full blown Alisa Soto book, and I absolutely loved it I read it front to back in two sessions this evening with only a half hour break in between, that s how good it was This book is the origin story of Alisa in effect It s like when Morgan went off in pursuit of her own explorations into her past and found her mothers tools It s a great read, and really makes you like Alisa all the This book is so rich in emotion So rich in character exploration, romance, discovery It s a pure joy to read SPOILERSAs usual, here comes a massive summary, followed by my thoughts.The book begins with a prologue of Oona, Alisa s great grand mother X5, going nuts and hexing Mairin, her daughter, which starts the whole telekinetic thing in the family First born females we find out later.We have talks of ghosts in the journal Then the book begins with Alisa deciding to pursue her uncle Sam Curtis She emails him Receiving a reply from Charlie, she tells Mary K.We have mermaid dreams, and we have Sam email her back with his contact info.During a circle Alisa causes the pi this book was a side storyline from the main characters, and personally I don t enjoy those as much Morgan and Hunter were barely in the book at all Alisa was the focus of this installment and we got to learn about her family It was a good story but Actual rating 2.5Another boring read I m glad there s only two books left in the series. Finally We finally hear Alisa s story We meet Alisa s family and everything comes full circle for her I love the side stories just as much as I do reading about Morgan It keeps the series from becoming too monotonous I can t believe there s only two books left Whatever will I do I m glad that we finally get to know Alise, we following her in this book On her journey to accept herself as an half witch with incredible powers, and how she s going to get her grandmother to accept her into the family she never got PlotIf any of the books before Reckoning could be considered filler books, they must now bow down to the actual filler book In all honesty, Reckoning is a book that is almost completely useless to the series In actuality, the series is over They ve defeated Ciaran and know of a way to combat the dark waves Hunter found his parents Everything s done What s left is going to be a bunch of, what seems like, personal drama This book focuses on Alicia, for some odd reason She wasn t really even a side character until a few books ago Alisa heads out to visit her mother s side of the family and they, of course, have some strange problem of their own I will admit that I thought the poltergeist storyline was interesting It takes forever and a year to actually get to it, but it takes a few things from earlier books and wraps them up nicely Writing Reckoning is from exclusively from Alisa s POV this time She s less of a dull narrator than Morgan, but there s still times where the text borders on completely boring and absolutely boring I will admit that you can tell the differences in Morgan s and Alisa s voices thank goodness for small blessing I will also say that t Kat Mandu saysThis is another one in the Sweep series narrated by Alisa as she ventures to her deceased mother s homeland to discover the truth about her mother s family, death, and powers.I sincerely do not want to give this book three stars just because I can t stand the character who narrates it, but she is too much I don t know a single fourteen year old with the rationality or lack thereof that Alisa has Runaway Sure, I guess that s normal for kids who are going through rough times But explaining to your dad why you ran away like Alisa does I m sorry, but my parents would have said, I m coming to get you no matter what and telling me you re a silly little girl who can t fess up to her problems is not an excuse Seriously, I know nine year olds who are mature than this girl.I was hoping Evelyn would freak out after discovering that Alisa and Charlie were down in her private library Because they freaking BROKE IN WITHOUT PERMISSION I don t know about you, but if I were the strange woman whose house, study, and life so to speak were broken into, I think I d be a little ticked off.Golly, I do not remember being so angsty when I was fourteen Every Yasss this series manI disliked Alisa at first in this series but having this book through her perspective was awesome, way better than the book through Hunter s perspective I love how all the stories Best Books, Reckoning Author Cate Tiernan This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Reckoning , Essay By Cate Tiernan Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You