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Rasskaz provokatsiya The Story Provocation is the second in the series of unconventional Russian language textbooks Russian readers or Russian easy readers for Elementary Pre Intermediate levels A B Order the audio book on The books written in the form of fun to read detective lines follow the continuing story of George, a Guadeloupean banker embarking on a journey that sees his day to day life set against a series of most peculiar events The textbooks are used at schools, universities, language courses as well as for self study The author would greatly appreciate your feedback shared here on Based on years of his language teaching experience Ignaty was keen to write a series of stories that would teach useful vocabulary and grammar after some of his business clients complained that existing textbooks were boring and had no relation to real lifeI was inspired by the talent of Mikhail Bulgakov, who mastered the skill of talking about complex subjects in an ironic form, I began writing the book which you can now see , says Ignaty Dyakov So his textbooks are fascinating detective stories with characters from different cultural backgrounds meeting in Guadeloupe, Russia and Europe They live, love, work and relax And most importantly they fight the world s evil, show exceptional ethics both in life and their work and give us better understanding of what is kinder and ethical life Mr Dyakov saidThere is an understanding that a textbook nowadays should be kind, humorous and inviting as there is far too much negativity around us, especially in the media and on social networks Applied in all Ignaty s books is an innovative and unusual textbook technique, which has already received much acclaim from eminent Russian specialistsUndoubtedly, this textbook makes language learningfun, interesting and thus less challenging It can be recommended as an addition to any Russian language textbook for A B levels your students will definitely succeed and progress in Russian language learningsays Professor Galina Levina, vice provost of The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, about Ignaty Dyakov s second book, The Story Provocation And on the first book Professor Lyudmila Verbitskaya, President of St Petersburg State University saidUnconventional material Specifics of the pedagogical technology suggested by the author are based on the text principle and oriented at active learning and development of the creative language personality The work laudably impresses and can be used as a textbook for foreign learnersAll books have been tested on Ignaty s students who confirm that the story line keeps them intrigued and motivated to readThis technique helps develop their language skills, and makes the learning processbearable, if not enjoyable Much of the books is conducted in dialogues, and there are lists of new words and questions for conversation practice in every chapter The stories are written in slightly simplified Russian, to aid recognising and memorising grammar structures The audio books and ebooks are available on Wholesale orders are to be placed via info russialocal The textbooks have been published and recorded with generous support by Russo British Chamber of Commerce, Gallus Consulting, Russian National Tourist Office, Mr Guy Willner publisher of Stranger in Saint Petersburg by Vesla Stranger , Mr Raheem Shapi, ctms Corporate Travel Agency, Russia Local Ltd, Roxy Art LtdBorn and bred in St Petersburg, Ignaty Dyakov is a professional Russian language trainer MPhil in Linguistics, MA in Political Economy of Russia He lives and works in London, and his clients are based in the UK, France, Luxembourg, China, Hong Kong and Russia They come from all walks of life and work in different areas, eg finance and banking, law, architecture, politics and administration Ignaty s first hand experience of running a business he owns the linguistic consultancy Russia Local Ltd helps him better understand his clients needs and requirements Nevertheless, he continuously develops his skills and this is recognised by the number of awards he has received which include scholarships and grants named after the Russian President and Government, awards from the Ministry for Science and Education and Interros investment fund, as well as a Shell LiveWire Grand Ideas award InIgnaty became a Finalist of prestigious Best Russian teacher outside of Russia award He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK Society of Authors, the Institute of Directors and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship UK Ignaty has been featured in The Times, The Guardian, interviewed by Thomson Reuters, The Voice of Russia, REN TV and BBC RadioLive He is an eager speaker on doing business in Russia and the Russian language matters he is frequently invited to talk on different occasions

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