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GrUpShort and straightforward profiles of queer figures throughout history, ranging from ancient and obscure to modern and well known The people profiled represent a diverse set of ethnicities and gender and sexual identities, living up to the term queer in its full meaning The historical background provided is very readable but cursory and occasionally inconsistently presented Some profiles focus on the individuals queer identity, while others put the emphasis on their historical impact For example, Joan of Arc s military career is thoroughly explained while her preference for men s clothes is only mentioned The tone of the book is positive and lighthearted despite the many unhappy endings but at times can come across as glib The relationship between queer people and the Catholic church wasum, strained during Father Mike s life, to say the least With the exception of a few references to sexual acts, the content is appropriate for a wide range of ages, particularly if the book is used in a guided or teaching context Each chapter opens with a graphic novellike line portrait of the subject by O Ferrall Overall, the title distinguishes itself from materials that take a traditional approach to history that often ignores or omits mention of sexual or gender identity VERDICT An enjoyable and accessible, if inconsistent, introduction to an important side of history Public and school libraries will strongly want to consider, both for re creation and educationAmy Diegelman, formerly at Vineyard Haven Public Library, MAShould be placed in the hands of every LGBTQ teen so theyll know that not only are they not alone, but they have a rich and diverse history Presented in a breezy, conversational tone that will engage teens and make them laugh Kirkus Reviews starred review Prager delivers a rich exploration of gender identity and sexuality across time and nationThese snapshotssometimes irreverent in tone, but always respectful of the people and relationships they discussoffer strong insight into the lives of individuals who broke barriers or simply lived life on their own terms Publishers Weekly starred review Written with a pop culture sensibility that will appeal to teen readers, the collection is a fascinating look at history through a different lens than what most history books provide Hurray for Sarah Pragers own splendid contribution to queer history Shelf Awareness A lively and informative introduction to queer history Booklist Well written, timely, and interesting the profiles include a thoughtful, varied mix of queer historical figures Prager has captured moments from thousands of years of queer history making in a captivating, illuminating read Voice of Youth Advocates VOYA Queer, There, and Everywhere is so conversational, fast paced, and infused with pop culture sensibilities that it tricks you into forgetting its a series of incredibly timely biographies An absolute must read for people interested in their queer forebears Meredith Russo, author of the Stonewall Award winner If I Was Your Girl Accessible, irreverent, and meticulously researched, at times heartbreaking and just as often wildly funny, this stunningly diverse survey of queer histories is a nourishing and inspiring addition to our arsenal of queer possibilities Should be required reading for all of us, queer or not Sarah McCarry, author of the Lambda Award nominated About a Girl A valuable resource for all those queer kids out there Let them know they are not alone Let them know they have a history This book is a lifeline and a gift Justin Sayre, writer, performer, and author of Husky Wow It isnt easy to tell stories from across time and space of lives we would now call queer Much less in an I cant put this book down way Sarah Prager has done it, showing us all how to live bravely Leila J Rupp, author of Sapphistries A Global History of Love between Women, co editor of Understanding and Teaching US Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History and professor at UC Santa Barbara Reading this book is like discussing history with a really good and really smart friendfree of pretentiousness, full of wisdom, dispatched in a casual, but informative way Queer, There, and Everywhere is a desperately needed and absolutely brilliant breath of fresh air A must read Shane Bitney Crone, activist and producer subject of the Bridegroom documentary