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This Self Contained Treatment Of Nonrelativistic Many Particle Systems Discusses Both Formalism And Applications In Terms Of Ground State Zero Temperature Formalism, Finite Temperature Formalism, Canonical Transformations, And Applications To Physical Systems Figures Tables Edition

5 thoughts on “Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Sys (Dover Books on Physics)

  1. Benjamin D'anjou Benjamin D'anjou says:

    This book is definitely a good start to study quantum field theory To read this book, the reader must be already acquainted with single body quantum theory, perturbation theory and the symmetrization principles The text is formal and somewhat old fashioned, but very complete every step of every calculation is justified Although the style might not be the most pedagogical you can find, everything the reader needs to know is included in the book, which makes it easy to progress Relevant and realistic examples of many body systems are presented throughout the book to illustrate the theoretical concepts If you plan to do a lot of work on quantum many body systems, you should have this book it is a very good reference and it is not expensive This should not prevent the reader, however, from looking at modern references.This is a graduate level textbook, but some chapters may be relevant to an undergraduate student doing an internship in the field, or that is simply curious Benjamin D AnjouPhysics MajorUniversit de Sherbrooke

  2. Lee Lee says:

    I recently bought the Kindle edition The content offers clear explanations of many body physics and the techniques involved, but the copyediting is horrible It is quite a pain in reading the symbols and equations e.g psi and psi dagger have different sizes because psi dagger is an imbedded picture If there is a separate rating for copyediting or formatting, i would have it as 1 star.

  3. Jose Jose says:

    Awesome Someone have made all the exercices What a huge an gorgeus task.

  4. Nagendra Dhakal Nagendra Dhakal says:

    It is exactly what I was looking for It is a great book in QFT I like the s service too.

  5. charlie brown charlie brown says:

    This is a classical book referenced by many papers But it is not easy to read The notations are out of date