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Now available in paperback, this two way dictionary is designed for speakers of either Punjabi or English, with Romanized Punjabi pronunciation and English pronunciation given in Gurmukhi Over , total entries offer multiple, comprehensive translations, including idiomatic usages, colloquial expressions, and derivations of words Trust me You ll not get anything better than this to learn punjabiGreat dictionary.helping me alothhhh The dictionary is good My problem was that when looking in the english side for a punjabi translation, the translation is actually written in punjabi script with no hints on the english pronounciation I had to try slowly to spell the word out one letter at a time to find the meaning Alternatively, I would have to look up the punjabi word in the other side of the book the Punjabi to english bit in order to find how to pronounce the word Confused Overall this dictionary is still good It as hard going to begin with but there is no doubt that it helped improve my knowledge of the punjabi alphabet and letter sounds.A useful purchase. I bought it because the back said it has English pronunciation of Punjabi words, and vice versa, and that it was made to help English and Punjabi speakers communicate as opposed to other resources that only help travelers with common phrases used when travelling I was extremely disappointed to find out that the English pronunciation is only there when you look up a word in Punjabi It then tells you how to pronounce it That is fine and dandy if you are reading something in Punjabi, come across a word you don t know, look it up, and need a little help pronouncing it However, to actually facilitate speech between me and my Punjabi in laws who are moving in with me in a week, I will need to look up English words and see what they are in Punjabi, so I can speak to them If I do that, it does not have the English pronunciation I do know their letters so I can sound it out but it takes a while, and if I want to form a whole sentence, that makes things take too long It s the same thing if they were to look up a Punjabi word and see how to say it in English It would not give them the Punjabi pronunciation So it is useless for facilitating speech, Further to that point, it gives so many translations, some of which appear to be phrases I have no way of knowing which one is the right word, the one I should now go ahead and use in a sentence That would be fine if it would put it in a sentence in English to show me the context, so I could decide which translation to use, but it does not I am talking about every word, even really simple words that don t have than one meaning There is no reason to put ten different translations for a simple word with only one meaning This would only make any sense to me if I were fluent in Punjabi so that I could understand everything they are writing there What a total waste of money. the best english punjabi english dictionnary i ve seen so far Loving it I wanted to know how to say the word, lice, in punjabi but I guess I ll never know because there is no L s in the dictionary There are a chunk of pages missing in the book I m disappointed. This was the second time we buying thisif it was good the first time then it was good the second timegood to teach English to Punjabi students Don t plan on learning a ton of new words, if you are a native speaker who learnt punjabi in India Will certainly serve people who learnt punjabi outside of India and definitely recommend this dictionary in the latter case Well printed and neatly bound. Okay but not the best translation Quite a few translated words in there are not used by native Punjabi people not commonly anyway Even I know some better alternative words and its not my first language. Bought for someone else