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Accessible, direct, and even handed, it s a handy guide for readers looking to get a better sense of American politics past and present Publishers WeeklyA handy and informative book that covers each and every president of the United States Batch of BooksTIME For Kids presents a complete overview of our nation s chief executives from George Washington to the newly elected th president Did you know that James Monroe was the first president to appear without a wig in public Or that George W Bush appointed the first African American secretary of state Presidents of the United States invites the reader inside the White House to discover fascinating facts about the US commanders in chief their origins, accomplishments, and place in history as told through famous quotes, important historical dates, and a timeline of events Special sections cover the election process, the branches of government, and the role of presidents in the expansion of our nation from before thecolonies through westward expansion Withthanphotographs, illustrations, portrait reproductions, and maps

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