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this is a great book to keep p d president coins in to keep them by dates it has room for all presidents This is a nice looking album for saving your Presidential Dollars but it was not for me because it had slots for both P and D dollars and I wanted just one slot per dollar If you re looking for a decent, inexpensive album with two slots for each dollar, I would recommend this one. The US Mint has started issuing handsome new silver dollars featuring images of the presidents in the order that they served and this time they re taking a fresh, contemporary approach Beginning this year with George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, each coin will have large dramatic artwork bigger than ever before and display the Statue of Liberty on the reverse They ll also feature innovative edge lettering and a process to make the coins stay shinier longer Thispart folder is a handsome, practical way to collect those coins as they re issued and keep them in perfect condition over the years Done in the same specs as the very successfulState Quarters Collector s Folder than , copies sold , The Presidential Dollar Collector s Folder offers informative background material on the mint and the presidential coin program, as well as selected highlights of each president s term in office I bought this because it was so cheap and it was what I was looking for The shipping said 17 28 days but I think it got here in like a week When it arrived, I was super excited and started filling it out and I can say that it is a quality product and if presented with the choice, I would buy again. I love this Predidential Folder Holds coins from both Philidephia and Denver Mints The coins fit in perfectly and the stay in I love the design of the Seal of the US President on the front cover. It looks really nice it has slots for both P and D coins Coins fit well and snugly The merchant was reliable and the booklet arrived on time and in excellent condition. I love how well it is set up The descriptions for the coins are easily readable I only wish that it has a plastic cover to go over the coins themselves I sometimes feel that they might fall out if I open it wrong But they are just snug enough that I haven t had any problems I LOVE that it has a space for both mints of the coins No need to buy a secondary folder. THE DRAW FOR ME TO PURCHASE THE PRESIDENTIAL DOLLAR COLLECTOR S FOLDER WAS ITS SMART LOOK AND DOWN RIGHT ATTRACTIVENESS I ALSO LIKED THE FACT THAT IT CONTAINS INFORMATION ON EACH PRESIDENT IN THE FOLDER BECAUSE IT IS GIFT WRAPPED FOR MY HUBAND FOR CHRISTMAS AT THIS TIME, I HAVEN T HAD THE CHANCE TO SEE IF THE PRESIDENTIAL 411 IS SLANTED REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC, OR ALONG OTHER LINES MY HUBBY WILL NEED MORE THAN ONE FOLDER TO HOUSE HIS DOLLAR COINS, AND ONE HE BOUGHT FOR HIMSELF PREVIOUSLY WAS NOT AS DESIRABLE, AND FOR JUST A LITTLE MORE MONEY, THIS FOLDER IS SO MUCH MORE APPEALING, PLUS IT HAS SNIPPETS OF INFO ON THE PRESIDENTS THIS ONE GETS MY VOTE The booklets arrived quickly Since no mention was made of the books capacity to hold both mint locations, I thought it would only hold one series o Presidential Dollars, but in fact, there are spaces for both Denver and Philadelphia Also, the books dimensions are 9 1 4 x 6 3 4 and it is quad fold The information about the Presidents are in fold over papers which if small persons are to use should probably be laminated It will fit easily on a bookshelf which is a plus in my mind. I used the regular blue whitman presidential dollar coin folder That one was a bit tight This one is not so This coin folder fits the dollar coins very well and very easy And it holds the coins pretty well I definitely recommend this product over the whitman blue folder.