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This is a handy, travelsized Balinese phrase book with additional information about the Balinese language As any seasoned traveler knows, the ability to communicate in the language of the country you are visiting makes a very big difference in the experiences you have Even a basic grasp of a few essentials will help you to relate to the people, get where you want to go, pay the right prices, and get muchout of your visit That s the reason for this book which is designed especially for travelers to Bali The emphasis is on effective communication, not grammar rules or tourist phrases It is organized to be as simple, concise, and useful as possibly With this book and a few hours of practice you can start speaking Balinese Key features of this Balinese phrasebook are Very compact travel size Hundreds of useful Balinese words and phrases Arranged by topic and situation for easy use Balinese grammar, pronunciation and bodylanguage guides A comparative history of the Balinese language and its relation to Indonesian Balinese dictionary and appendix for easy referenceUsing this book Begin by going over the Balinese pronunciation and grammar guides briefly, returning to them as needed The on to the basics greetings, time and numbers The rest of the book offers sections dealing with situations and activities you ll be part of The three special sections are designed for easy reference to especially useful information The glossary and appendix complete the guide Good luck and good traveling

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