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Thought provoking, the only drawback is it s a really short book Worth reading even if you re just a little curious You won t have invested much time and it may pique your interest enough to look for books on the topic. Brian has explained the effects of pornography on brain and human behaviour Content of the book is structured very well Good book for those who are fighting against or get rid of the bad habit. Quick and completeA quick description of this kind of problems, good references and techniques for detect someone struggling with it and how can we help This book talked about the negative effects of porn in one s life A great material in conquering ones addiction to porn to be informed on what is the bad side of porn. Very goodI recommend this book for people who knows and understand how dopamine works if not, then you better see your therapist first before read this book. No Modern Masturbator Wants To Hear This, But Online Pornography Is A Health Risk You Probably Know What Can Happen If You Smoke, Take Drugs, Or Eat Fast Food, But Do You Know What Can Happen If You Use Porn By Messing Up Your Brain Chemistry, Porn Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction Depression Delayed Ejaculation Involuntary Sexual Fantasies Bad Memory And Concentration Emotional Avoidance Poor Relationship Skills Sleep Disorders And A Number Of Other ProblemsEven If You Don T Buy Into The Religious, Feminist And Moral Arguments Against Porn You Can T Afford To Ignore The Effect Porn Has On Your Brain This Book Is A Brief Layman S Guide To How Porn Affects Your Brain And What That Means For You Personally Read It Through, Consider How It Applies To You, Then Make An Informed Decision Whether You Want To Continue Using Porn