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The Pocket Kenkyusha Japanese Dictionary is an essential reference for any English speaker learning Japanese, whether they re studying the language at school or university, or learning it on their own It offers detailed coverage of Japanese vocabulary, giving headwords and examples in both romanized and script form, along with thousands of examples that help you find the translation you need quickly and easily Translations for each entry are clear and concise, and offer guidance on grammar and usage, with slang, formal, and derogatory terms clearly marked Additional supplements include a guide to grammar help with pronunciation, numbers, and days of the week and cultural information, covering topics such as the government, political parties, and historical periods of Japan This dictionary has many many disadvantages.It is written in romaji but doesn t possess an index of kanji s pronunciation, so thatit is impossible to find a word if you don t know how to pronounce it And that happensall the time with japanese texts.The number of words is astonishingly low I ve just stopped using this dictionary, becausemany times i couldn t find dozens of words for a short single text And it s far too big to be consideredas a pocket dictionary.To read japanese texts, you need a bigger one, and not written in romaji. Pocket is an interesting word, perhaps it was lost in translation.Evidently, when this arrives in your post, it s not a pocket dictionary As a dictionary though, it s pretty good Some reviewers complain that the look up format for the japenese section is in Romanji i.e phonetic Japanese For someone who isn t particularly adept at my Hirogana or Katakana and which order they would come in in a dictionary , i think it s much useful to have a phonetic version That way if you hear or read something, you can transliterate it and look it up much faster than if you were to look for the characters So, say you wished to look up red If you know that it s pronounced aka you just look that up.As for Kanji characters and situations where you re unsure of the pronunciation, there isn t really anything for that i m nowhere near a good enough linguist to wonder how you d alphabetise Kanji aside from phonetically.I haven t had any problems with the English Japanese section, it s comprehensive enough to fulfill basic phrasing needs and has plenty of usage examples.There are the usual additional sections dealing with numbers, days and even a historical outline in case you ever needed to look it up The section on grammar is sparse, but it s a dictionary so that s to be expected There is enough for a quick reference.All in all, not a bad buy If you just need a dictionary to put on your shelf then this will do nicely If you re after a proper pocket book, look for the Oxford mini or a phrasebook. Two way translations between Japanese and English vocabulary Covers 99% of words spoken in both languages. I bought this series of dictionary In general, all good This Japanese English one, unfortunately, is not as good as the other of the same series for two reasons 1 although I did not gone through the whole dictionary, only on the first page, there is a serious translation error On page 1 Kimitsu o abaku Expose a confidence Wrong Should be Expose a secret This is a dictionary , not a novel The editorial quality should be very high 2 The paper quality is significantly worse than its peers of the same series In conclusion, this dictionary is good and it outperforms its competitors in my opinion If the editor edits the dictionary again and prints with a better quality paper, I will give four stars If the editor increases the examples in the dictionary, I will give five stars. Don t be fooled by the word Pocket in the title This dictionary is actually quite stocky, and perhaps it s just me, but I was thinking this is a Japanese English dictionary, however it s a Japanese English Japanese dictionary, and it actually has about 1000 pages.Again, don t be fooled 1000 pages means about 45,000 entries, which is exactly how many entries Oxford s MINI dictionary actually has and that one is actually quite small.Not to mention that it s written in romaji, and somehow the font is really bad and hard to read Plus the text is really huge and annoying to look at Also, I compared the entries in this dictionary to my Collins GEM English Japanese dictionary, to find that many important words are actually missing from this one e.g there is able , but not ability , etc.Please reconsider before buying this If you need a small dictionary that contains both Japanese English Japanese entries, I recommend Random House s dictionary, as well as the Oxford Mini.If you re actually looking for only a Japanese English dictionary as was I , I strongly suggest you go to www..co.jp you can type english japanese dictionary and find one there, because the English language publishers consider us stupid or something, and the dictionaries well, kind of suck. Very complete and useful. L int r t de ce dictionnaire est qu il ne se contente pas de donner la traduction du mot recherch il propose galement des exemples d utilisation de ce mot insertion du mot dans des phrases.Format pas trop encombrant. Great for beginners Japanese level Has everything I need Japanese english, english japanese dictionary I found the word searching system easy and practical I recommend it to A1 A2 students because of the english traslation.