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wow i can now speak basic russian audio CDs Apage colour coursebook with language exercises and tests Ideal for beginners to the Russian language, our popular PDQ course will have you speaking, writing and understanding basic Russian in no time Fun and easy to use, it focuses on developing everyday essential Russian phrases using native speakers You ll learn Russian quickly with our CDs and coursebook packed full of exercises and tests They ll help you develop the correct pronunciation and authentic accent, as well as helping you learn overnew Russian words Perfect for preparing for your next holiday or business trip to Russia, this beginner course offers a great introduction to the Russian language Reasonably easy to understand, though it misses out some of the basics hence 4 not 5 stars Thank you I purchased this in order to prepare for a visit to Russia I highly recommend the course The Linguaphone course gets you straight into speaking the language and you can pick up the Cyrillic script as you work your way through the course Certainly, I don t think that I would have survived without some knowledge of the Russian language and I regard this as a perfect course It is in eight units and I suggest that two weeks for each unit is realistic It is very easy to fit this course into a daily routine the CD tracks can be ripped and downloaded to an mp3 player Possibly I found this easier than the other reviewer as I was already familiar with the Greek script and there are similarities Eight weeks was enough for me to feel that I could cope in tourist situations it doesn t really need a lot of language This course is just an introduction to the language and is very useful for preparing for a holiday it is not suitable if you want to become fluent in the language, although I think that it comes with a discount voucher that you could use if you wanted to purchase the full course later I regard the course as very good value and I have now started PDQ Spanish to prepare for a visit to Spain later this year. Russian is really hard going if you ve never learnt it before, like me, the alphabet is totally different obviously , but I think it would have been handy if they went through the alphabet on the CD, which they don t do The CD s very repetitive, which is good, at some points, but then all of a sudden it will whizz through 30 or so words, which can be quite confusing Also, it just expects you to pick up how to read Russian whilst listening to it on the CD, which is extremely difficult as I have said, they don t go through the alphabet The course book is quite small for the four CDs the pack includes, so this is definitely for tourists or those wanting to know just a bit of basic Russian, I don t think if you re wanting to know it in great detail that this is the pack for you.The book is nicely laid out, with English on one side and Russian on the other, and despite what I ve said, it does go into further depth the further you get, but it s just crossing that first hurdle As described and delivered promptly. Very descriptive, I recommend this for anybody who wants a crash course to learn Russian The course is very explanatory in step by step process After the first two lessons, I got very comfortable and the phonetic sound system with the reading correlated together makes it easier to pronounce the vocabulary and at the same time you have an enjoyable experience.