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Oxford Take Off in Russian makes learning or brushing up on your Russian quick, easy, and fun Follow an integrated course including activities and dialogues with native speakers so you can feel confident in day to day conversation Advance from beginner to intermediate level in one integrated book and audio course This complete language learning kit contains everything you need to speak, read, write, and understand Russian, and gives you flexibility when learning The pack includes a clear, easy to use coursebook, full mp audio to download, andCDs to support you in learning a new language Flexible and structured course units allow you to work at your own pace and check your progress with regular self testing exercises New, market tested packaging provides a portable and compact complete language learning course

15 thoughts on “Oxford Take Off in Russian (Paperback with CDs)

  1. snow goose snow goose says:

    I really enjoyed it I have done some Russian before so loved it Clearly laid out, and fast moving, it s a lot of material for a very reasonable price Came in very good time and in excellent condition It s a very good buy for the money and my favourite out of two purposes for a Russian teaching package.If I were being pernickity, I just think that it s not quite as practically absed as it might be, eg, in early section it mentions what today is in Russian, but not yesterday or tomorrow If you re on holiday, you need the vocab, eg, if transport, are thigns early, later, delayed, cancelled, etc Very traditional approach to language with some modernness thrown in, eg, for me I do not need to know what the Russian is for grandmother, nephew, etc, is if I m going on holiday or business.

  2. Kelly-Marie Grey Kelly-Marie Grey says:

    Brought this book to learn Russian after having brought a lot of other learn Russian books This book is totally different from the usual learning books it has vast amount of information and just doesn t feature how to ask where your hotel is type of information.This book is brilliant for truly learning the Russian language.

  3. Ellis Ellis says:

    A good place to start off in Russian, and has a few useful tips It does a good job of simplifying it and its not a bad price for what you get Everything was delivered as planned and I have enjoyed using the CD and the book for references and it has helped my learn the basics well enough Although I found it quite boring.Thanks

  4. DJM DJM says:

    Perfect thank you.

  5. Kickingking Kickingking says:

    Good starter course cd very useful for the car.

  6. ann ann says:

    excellant product however you really have to be determined to learn and to repeat excercises so that you get the practise.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    very good condition

  8. Roy Spector Roy Spector says:

    This is the best starter to intermediate course in Russian.Both the audio and text are very helpful The Russian and English voicesare superb.Russian grammar is tough, but this course is cleverly selectivein what it gives.Oxford Take Off in Russian Paperback with CDs

  9. cdngrleh cdngrleh says:

    Logical progression, practical dialogues and native speakers make this course a cut above the rest Mp3 audio download is also handy and not usually included in these types of courses.

  10. Customer Customer says:

    Even though it s kinda difficult but still it is very useful.


    Based on the only review given to this book I decided to buy it and it is really a gem Although it is small and compact in its format, it gives what it promises A complete learning Kit for those who study on our own.And it comes with 4 cds and downloadable MP3 Thanks to the reviewer and specially to the author for this great tool I hope other students of Russian language buy it.

  12. Kenneth Martin Kenneth Martin says:

    An excellent pocket sized introduction to Russian But forget the claims that learning is easy, or that this is than a very simplified first step towards knowledge I ll bet that 99% of readers give up long before they re halfway through.

  13. tony hollifield tony hollifield says:

    Got about 4 Russian language courses This one is the best.

  14. D. Grotti D. Grotti says:

    This easy to use book and cd s will help you learn the basics of Russian in no time The language is tough, but with the Take Off In Russian book cds, you ll have an easy time understanding the basic principles of the Russian language.

  15. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas He said he wanted to learn Russian language on his own I figured it would be a good start, and since I am originally from Russia, if he had any questions I would help him on top of it.