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The most comprehensive Russian English and English Russian dictionary available , words and phrases translations Includes business, computing and specialist vocabulary I have many Russian English dictionaries, including some you can only get in Russia and some written entirely in Russian and this is by far the most complete and helpful dictionary I have I use it almost exclusively.I must confess though that I don t use the English Russian part very often I m usually translating from Russian I usally learn new words from movies and books and am not looking up so many words just from English In correspondence I use it and it always has what I need.You can look up some of the most clever dialogue in films with this dictionary.Of course, a dictionary is not a grammar book and there are stylistic things about Russian that create ennumerable combinations of useage that a dictionary cannot address.There are some complaints I have but they are not addressed by any other dictionaries I have seen For example, the ppp is troublesome because it s hard get the stress right and they try to put all the most common ones in there but they miss them sometimes but so do all the other dictionaries In that case you have to guess from grammar rules or consult the real dictionaries for such that are written totally in Russian.The only places it fails me are in situations where you need to go to a Russian dictionary that is written entirely in Russian There are a few classics used there It would not be possible in general to create such a dictionary for English speakers because the assumptions about language familiarity and grammar could not be met by any but fairly advanced users and in that case, why not just use the actual dictionary Russian speakers use If you want to buy one dictionary, get this one Don t get the concise version though, spend the money and get the full version It s worth it I use this book every day, as I am relatively new to the Russian language It is initially very difficult and time consuming to use when attempting translating Russian into English due to the great number of word endings possible particularly with verbs However it is still an extremely useful and comprehensive book, and don t worry your speed of using will improve I would recommend the purchase with it of a book specifically about verbs 555. Usually my reviews pertain to classical music since that s my biggest field of interest by far However, of all the several dictionaries I ve so far been consulting relative to various translations and other work that these days has necessitated my dealing with the Russian language, this most certainly is the best Pocket and concise dictionaries just won t hack it with my type of work and this one truly is worth it It has a good word database as well as lots of expressions covered also good is that it gives the stress for all the Russian words VERY VITAL in that language Most highly recommended Oxford Russian if you are starting your degree or simply need a dictionary for your work or writing, then this is the one. I have a pocket dictionary but there were so many older words that were missing I encountered these words in the Russian children s stories I m trying to read This book so far has all the children s books words I ve looked for so far It is quite big and has some nice translations. This is a very good basic dictionary to have, providing an extensive vocabulary with solid, sensible translations The accuracy of translations is a great improvement on earlier editions I ve never been tempted to own an Oxford Russian dictionary in the past 20 years.This is an extremely useful resource for both a Russian student of English and an English student of Russian It could do with some notes on Russian word formation, especially prefixes, to aid translation into English.And it could be up to date You won t find words like software , hardware or DVD in there, or the common terms for webpage or download It s not the place to look for abbreviations, state institutions, legal and commercial terms or proper names For that you d be much better off with a specialist dictionary or updateable dictionary software However it is a good resource for most general reference between English and Russian.