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In Our Mathematical Universe, Max Tegmark, One Of The Most Original Physicists At Work Today, Leads Us On An Astonishing Journey To Explore The Mysteries Uncovered By Cosmology And To Discover The Nature Of RealityPart History Of The Cosmos, Part Intellectual Adventure, Our Mathematical Universe Travels From The Big Bang To The Distant Future Via Parallel Worlds, Across Every Possible Scale From The Sub Atomic To The Intergalactic Showing How Mathematics Provides The Answers To Our Questions About The World Where Do We Come From What Makes The Universe The Way It Is In Essence, Why Are We Here With Dazzling Clarity, Max Tegmark Ponders These Deep Mysteries And Allows Us To Grasp The Most Cutting Edge And Mind Boggling Theories Of Physics What He Proposes Is An Elegant And Fascinating Idea That Our Physical World Not Only Is Described By Mathematics, But That It Is Mathematics Our Mathematical Universe Is Nothing If Not Impressive Brilliantly Argued And Beautifully Written, It Is Never Less Than Thought Provoking About The Greatest Mysteries Of Our Existence New York Times An Amazing Ride Through The Rich Landscape Of Contemporary Cosmology Physics Could Do With Characters Like Tegmark An Imaginative Intellect And A Charismatic Presence Clive Cookson, Financial Times Max Tegmark Is Author Or Co Author Of Than Technical Papers, Twelve Of Which Have Been Cited Than Times He Has Featured In Dozens Of Science Documentaries, And His Work With The SDSS Collaboration On Galaxy Clustering Shared The First Prize In Science Magazine SBreakthrough Of The Year He Holds A PhD From The University Of California, Berkeley, And Is A Physics Professor At MIT

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  1. Angel Angel says:

    Hay de todo, y bueno Cosas sabidas, pero con nueva luz, como hacen los buenos divulgadores, y nuevos enfoques de la cosa de gran inter s Adem s, es apasionante leer algo escrito por un cient fico que hace un relato de su trabajo y su vida en ese campo, en este caso, Microwave Background Fant stica su informaci n sobre la tesis de Everett.

  2. Nicolas Nicolas says:

    The book is not only very well written, easy to understand even if you are a rocket scientist, but it also brings a surprisingly interesting personal account of the history of recent scientific advances in astronomy, mathematics, computer science and it s inter relationship.

  3. Cliente Cliente says:

    Muy did cticoEstimula otras lecturas.La belleza de las matem ticas apoder ndose de la realidad y el origen de todo.Un placer su lectura.

  4. Cliente Cliente says:

    OK my brain seemed like oatmeal in some of the middle chapters but it was worth following through to the end and thinking about meaning, humanity and politics with the hard earned new perspectives.

  5. Pedro de Andres Cairós Pedro de Andres Cairós says:

    No tiene informacin valiosa No explica adecuadamente lo que ofrece Esta mas interesado en ancdotas en su charlas, o en demostrar que conoce un premio nobel.

  6. joaquin luque zambrana joaquin luque zambrana says:

    It is a marvelous book about science and literature Do you want to learn and dream It is time to start

  7. Giulio Ruffini Giulio Ruffini says:

    I have been reading this book just before the discovery of gravitational waves in the microwave footprint has been announced A wonderful discussion of current themes in cosmology and with deep insights in how the science of physics evolves Concept are very clearly explained For the budding or working physicists out there a true gem.