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By best selling co author of The One Minute Manager and author of Who Moved My Cheese , this book shows how to bring out the best in yourself in a time starved worldLife is lived minute by minute Does time seems too precious to lavish on yourself Using his world famous One Minute programme, number one bestselling author Dr Spencer Johnson reveals easy ways to bring out the best in yourself Reduce stress at work and at home Enjoy a sense of peace and balance Have business and personal success Take better care of yourself and encourage others to do the sameWith the practical wisdom that characterises all of his books, Dr Johnson shows how stopping and taking a minute out of the day can make life meaningful and enjoyable for you and those near youSpencer Johnson is an internationally bestselling author whose books have helped millions of people discover healthier lifestyles with success and less stress Including The One Minute Manager, The One Minute Sales Person, The One Minute Father and Who Moved My Cheese , thanmillion copies of Dr Johnson s books are in use inlanguages

9 thoughts on “ONE MINUTE FOR YOURSELF: A Simple Strategy for a Better Life (The One Minute Manager)

  1. Customer Customer says:

    Love this book Will make you rethink your life Quick easy read full of good ideas

  2. Craig baxter Craig baxter says:


  3. mandy mandy says:

    very good book

  4. austinphatch austinphatch says:

    I really enjoyed this book, it pertains to all aspects of our lives not just business It is super easy to understand and gives a clear way to intergrate into your life.

  5. Mark W. Mark W. says:

    Great help Great ideas

  6. Mohammed Mohammed says:

    Love this book

  7. karen evans karen evans says:

    I was drawn to this book because it looked light and simple, and the idea of taking one minute for myself seemed to be manageable even with my crazy schedule Well, this book delivered a lot than what I expected It introduced to me the possibility of having a great life when I actually stop, look, and listen to myself By simply asking is there a better way to take care of myself right now I was often amazed that there actually were lots of choices I didn t have to repeat whatever I mechanically did in the past that did not work for me this seems obvious but I am amazed how often it happened unawaredly Cool stuff Spencer Johnson is a great story teller and he made my reading experience fun and effortless This reminded me of two very cool books that I ve come across Being Here Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment , and How To Create a Magical Relationship by Ariel and Shya Kane The books are a collection of simple and profound moments in life, and I have come to learn from these beautiful stories that the current moment of life is where magic happens We can take great care of ourselves and each other by taking an honest look of what s happening in each moment of now, and not judging what we see Life has become a journey that s expanding and rewarding in a least expected way The Kanes books are so inspiring and I feel very fortunate to discover them and to share them with you

  8. A. J. BURNS A. J. BURNS says:

    I really like this range of books so was keen on buying this Didn t really know what to expect and possibly expected too much at the end of the day it can t make my day 26 hors instead of 24 can it It is a good quick read and I have caught myself thinking the message through on occassion Worth a read at this price a good message but don t expect miracles.

  9. Sanjay Sanjay says:

    Normally through the hectic activities of the days I usually forget what is important for me.This book awesomely corrects this shortcoming of mine by reminding me to take a minute break often and thus check whether I am doing things which are in consistency with my short term and long term goals in all areas of my life.