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This story is about a young boy who does not like the change in his life He lives on a farm He recounts his life on the farm and some of his favorite things about it Through the time past urbanization begins to occur He is appreciating his lifestyle and as the aspects of the city role into his rural lifestyle Remembering the way the tractor rumble and how they churned cause him to feel nostalgic on the past He does not like what is occurring to his land,but does not have a choice other than to deal with it.Being that this picture book is historical, there are elements that coincide with it There is accuracy of the history within the book The topic of urbanization is seen and read about by many This book is on the vague side when it comes to the actual true information on urbanization I would not recommend this as a book to read to children for historical fiction. When first seeing this book i imagined it having to do with slavery I soon realized that it didnt have to do with slavery, but it was about a family that lived independently I like how the story is told in a child s perspective I think it s great when children read perspectives on other children s lives Even though they may not know what is going on, they can kind of relate to the character.I can use this book when doing a lesson over rhyming words This author uses rhyming on every line I could also use this book if i am doing a lesson over farming The setting for the whole book is on a farm, so i could talk about the animals, the tractors, and the jobs that farmers do. Reaction This story had beautiful illustrations I enjoyed the perspective of the brother and his little sisters It was all recalling things on the farm It was sad as the story progressed that the farm began to go away which is similar to what is happening with growth of cities around the country.Purpose Curriculum This book has a lot of words kindergartners or first graders could begin to recognize Also could be used in a unit about different places you can live It gives a great perspective of what it is like to live on a farm It could create good discussion with vocabulary in the classroom Discuss the literary elements including the figurative language included in the story.Read Aloud There is a lot of emotions depicted in this book when they sell the farm It is ambiguous why the farm is sold and torn down which can create discussion with your students The pictures say a lot and can also create discussion because of the rich color and details used. Once upon a Farm by Marie Bradby is a children s historical fiction book about a a boy living in a farm It goes through his daily chores and it shows what he does in the free time He looks like he is care free and doing his day to day activities One day he starts talking about the city and how it s getting larger Eventually he moves out of the farm with his family.As a historical fiction book, I feel this book is weak The character is care free and flat the entire book, and the historical conflict is with urbanization and the farm being bought, though that s only in the last few pages The setting is never mentioned, and no dates are given The farm s location is never revealed, nor is the city that is growing closer to it The only things that stand out is that the illustrations are vibrant and beautifully drawn I do not recommend this book if you are looking for a good piece of children s historical fiction. The story of farm life is told in a poetic manner I feel like there could be a great message to share with children while reading this book, but I am not sure how it would translate into elementary classrooms Perhaps it could be as simple as enjoy things experiences as they occur because we are never sure what the future holds Despite being an important message, it s a little depressing There may be an appropriate opportunity to share this book story message with children Until that moment, I don t think I would be inclined to house it in a classroom library. This is a Historical Fiction book from a little boys perspective from many years ago He talks about how simple life was back on the farm plowing during the day, digging wells for water and chopping wood for furniture The book goes from describing how happy and simple it was to the emotions he felt when they started building cities near his farm and how life changed I liked this book and it is good insight to children to what life was for everyone many years ago and how some still live like this in other areas. Another picture book told in verse, which I am not always fond of, The overall theme of this is a family enjoying life on the farm and its simple pleasures and ends with the farm being sold for urban development The last two stanzas say A salea signmove with the timesI took a heart fullthings we didn t sellhow a stream sounds, the way rain clouds look, how sweet dirt smells.Ah, yes, how sweet dirt smells and I will add feels, our experiences are stored forever, regardless if we are in that childhood place or not Those last three lines endeared this book to me forever. I choose this book hoping that it could give a look into farm life this would be useful for a school in a bigger city where children may have never seen a farm This book did give a look into farm life but not quite what I was expecting The illustrations are beautiful The book tells the story with rhyming, which may add some readers but will be frustrating to others. Told in poetic detail and with Ted Rand s exquisite watercolors, Once Upon a Farm portrays the toil and triumph of farm lifeWith barns and bales, fences and flowers, chores and churns, we weather the seasons along with the young narrator Told from a child s perspective, the story follows a family working together to make a life on the land they hold so dear Resonating with rural truths, this family s toil and triumph in our country s heartland will strike a chord with readers everywhere Once Upon a Farm is a place we can all recognize The story of farm life is told in a poetic manner I feel like there could be a great message to share with children while reading this book, but I am not sure how it would translate into elementary classrooms.