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The world has changed forever Governments have expanded their reach over their citizens lives, Power is being consolidated by an elite few, and The world economy has becomevolatile and unpredictableMeanwhile, the internet, a globalizing world economy, and the emergence of the developing world present opportunities to anyone willing to make simple changes to their lifeGeography is no longer a limitation for those willing to follow Andrew Henderson s Five Magic Words and Go where you re treated best As the world s most sought after expert on offshore tax planning, second passports, and global citizenship cited by the BBC, Bloomberg, Elite Daily andAndrew has condensed his last ten years of investigative world travel into an unprecedented book to help entrepreneurs and investors keepof their own money, live where they want, become citizens of the world, and improve their lives and the planetDirect Honest Experienced Unapologetic Practical Transparent Even funny The Nomad Capitalist will show you how to take his E K G formula toENHANCE your personal lifestyle, KEEPof your money, and GROW your money by living, investing, banking, and doing business overseasFrom foreign companies to offshore accounts and from overseas investments to dual citizenship, you ll find everything you need to know to begin a life of international proportions, storing gold in super secret vaults, finding love in exotic locations, and improving everything from your health to your tax bill by simply going where you re treated best It is no longer enough to be a digital nomad Those who want complete freedom from the world s broken systems must become Nomad Capitalists, learning to navigate the world system to reclaim their freedom and rediscover the possibilities of capitalism s greatest promisesGet the book to see how