New Venture Creation Prime –

This is the textbook students need to create a successful business plan With its innovative New Venture Creation Framework, the book progresses through three phases Research, Business model development, and Launch and validation Each phase is broken down into a number of key stages, covering everything a budding entrepreneur should consider Featuring international Case insights from real businesses, video and audio interviews with entrepreneurs, and a fictional running case study, this practical text will prove indispensable However, this is not just a how to do it book, but a why you do it book, uncovering the research behind the practice through Academic insights This innovative textbook is essential reading for any undergraduate or postgraduate course in new venture creation It will also prove useful for shorter entrepreneurship modules and as a practical guide for anyone who wants to launch a business Key features International Case insights with questions show how real entrepreneurs apply the approaches Academic insights present the research and theory underpinning the concepts Workbook exercises help students to develop a business idea The extensive companion website provides a range of teaching and learning resources New to this edition Video introductions by author Paul Burns discuss key questions and issues Video and audio interviews provide an insight into life as an entrepreneur A running case study examines the choices two young people make for their fictional company Sofa bed Factory Thorough revisions based on reviewer feedback An interactive ebook version of the text available for sale