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Most forex traders lose because they persist in believing three myths of successful trading Mythsuccessful trading must be indicator based Mythsuccessful trading must be complex Mythsuccessful trading is dependent on the trading system Well, it s time to get over these misconceptions and start winning, say authors Alexander Nekritin and Walter Peters in Naked Forex Long before computers and calculators, trading was handled without complex technical analysis and indicators Trading was old schoolbased on using only price chartsand it was simple, profitable, and easy to implement In Naked Forex, Nekritin and Peters show you how to successfully trade this way This lively, three part book lays out the authors techniques in detail The first part walks you through the fundamentals of forex trading and establishes the ruling tenet of all naked forex trading price is king In Part Two, the authors share methods that lead to profits, including using resistance zones, price patterns, transitions, and such intriguing trade setups as Wammies, Moolahs, and the Last Kiss In the last part of the book, you ll learn to understand your own trading psyche Mastering your own attitudes toward risk, says coauthor Peters, who is also a PhD in psychology, is how you finally become a true professional trader Engaging and informative, this practical guide touches on many provocative topics, includingIs it possible to outwit some of the most determined, intelligent, and well resourced traders in the world Find out what it takes The concept of zones and the seven most important things you need to know about them Six key stages you must address for every trade Are you a runner or a gunner When it comes to exiting a trade with money, it s important to know The one secret expert traders all share, why boring is good, and six steps to becoming an expert Why understanding yourself is paramount What is your attitude towards money What are your biases Find out how to find out Naked trading is liberating, exhilarating, and frees you to focus on markets, instead of the indicators, say Nekritin and Peters Follow their proprietary techniques to profitability with Naked ForexNaked Forex Simplify your way to success in the world of foreign currency trading Today s forex traders rely mostly on technical analysis books written for stock, futures, and options traders Yet, long before computers and calculators, trading was handled without this complex and confusing array of indicators Trading wasnaked Naked Forex reveals powerful and effective techniques for trading without indicators and, instead, teaches you to rely solely on price charts From an expert author duo that includes the CEO of TradersChoiceFX and a professional forex trader who holds a PhD in psychology, you ll discover a liberating system for trading in the forex market, as well as how to tap into your own personality to achieve success

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