read online #FRUGALKIDS: The Five Money-Wise Disciplines Every Child Should Know (English Edition)Author Antonio Starr –

Antonio Starr is the author of the Best Selling bookFRUGALITYPAYS Money Saving Tips For The Underachiever which has been a life changer for many readers around the worldWith his new bookFRUGALKIDS The Five Money Wise Disciplines Every Child Should Know Antonio wants to do everything he can to assist parents with helping their children avoid the financial pitfalls that so many adults have succumbed to in life He has broken the concept of frugality down into five critical practices that all children should start learn as early in life as possible With repetitive exposure, and execution of these practices children will being to develop a disciplined mindset as it relates to money FRUGALKIDS like FRUGALITYPAYS was written to be minus all the fluff of other self help books Antonio aims to add value from the very first paragraph of his books and maintain the flow of information, and insight throughout every chapter We hope that you find FRUGALKIDS tremendously valuable for you and your children for years to comeTheDisciplines We Will Teach Your Kids Together Are Budget Planning How to plan and prioritize short and long term spendingSpending Wisely Buying wants and needs while keeping your savings in check Saving Money How to earn and put money aside for future useInvesting A way to spend money to make it growPaying It forward Involving children in the community through charity or volunteer work

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