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Elena Delle Donne,WNBA MVP andOlympic gold medalist, shares her inspirational story of being a young basketball prodigy who gave up an impressive basketball scholarship for family and self discoveryElena Delle Donne has always forged her own path During her first year of college, she walked away from a scholarship and chance to play for Geno Aurriema at UConnthe most prestigious womens college basketball programso she could stay in her home state of Delaware and be close to her older sister, Lizzie, who has several disabilities and can only communicate through hand over hand signing Burned out and questioning her passion for basketball, she attended the University of Delaware and took up volleyball for a year Eventually she found her way back to her first love, playing basketball for the Blue Hens, ultimately leading them, a mid major team, to the Sweet Sixteen She went on to become the second overall selection during theWNBA draft and the WNBAsMVP Elena Delle Donne delivers a powerful and motivational story of overcoming the challenges of competitive sports through balancing hard work and the support of a loving family