books pdf Modern Hausa-English DictionaryAuthor Paul Newman –

Originally published to meet the need for a practical dictionary both for native Hausa speakers and for those wishing to learn or improve their knowledge of the language, the dictionary has remained in demand since publication Compiled by the Centre for the Study of Nigerian Languages in Kano as a concise, compact and readily usable tool, the selection of words has been limited to those likely to occur in everyday conversation, books, newspapers and other mass media It includes a large number of modern words adopted into Hausa Main entries give spelling and punctuation, variant spellings and cross references, and special notations for verbs Grammatical categories, or parts of speech, give verbs and verbal nouns, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions and ideophones Guidance is also given on definitions and usage This dictionary is a brilliant resource for anyone learning Hausa It has a useful, clear grammatical introduction, and the dictionary section covers all basic needs I believe it is also much in use amongst Hausa speakers in Nigeria Highly recommended. Modern Hausa English Dictionary is a very good publication with apparently, no major defects noted that I have observe at this very point