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Great book for intermediate level, all the content are in japanese Kanji and hiragana Unfortunately there are not the results of the exercise in it making difficult for someone studying by himself. This is the book I use in my japanese lessons and I think is great The item that arrived was the last edition and it was in perfect conditions new. For price,good needed this book for japanese class in college, its a little boring no colour on the inside and has zero english, but for intermediate level should be perfect Minna no nihongo Guide du Japonais Minna no nihongo est une mthode plus cher et qui demande beaucoup plus d investissement qu une mthode telle queleons pour parler japonais Mais elle vous emmenera beaucoup plus loin, avec des bases solides Livre d apprentissageminna no nihongo Minna No Nihongo Mittelstufe I Lehrbuch incl CD Minna No Nihongo ChukyuJapanische Sprachbcher Aug Redaktion Broch Minna no Nihongo shoky ichi,AMinna No Nihongo is the most famous book to lear japanese, but i hardly recommend to buy it with the grammatical and translation notes becuase the book is completely in japanese Minna no nihongo franais ou anglais Apprendrelejaponais Les minna no nihongo MnN pour les intimes sont des ouvrages destines aux dbutants et intermdiaires de la langue japonaise Ils permettent d apprendre toutes les notions lmentaires de la langue japonaise aussi bien qu au niveau grammatical que conversationnel Quel Minna no Nihongo choisir Kanpai Minna no nihongo est surtout populaire parce qu il est utilis par des profs de fac et l international Et si dans un premier temps un manuel suffira, il t en faudra plusieurs pour bien tudier la grammaire, l coute, le vocabulaire, les kanjis mais aussi l expression orale Learn All Japanese Particles Minna no Nihongo Learn All Japanese Particles Minna no Nihongo JLPT N Basic Japanese Grammar Welcome to my Channel Online Education JP BD My goal is to teach Japanese properly and give guidelines We use this book in our classes and it s useful for that purpose, but for self study please note that it is COMPLETELY in japanese No english explanations, no vocab lists and no solutions to the excercises it is a book full of resources, but on it s own I doubt that one will get very far. This book is great for self study and also for students It contains Japanese script which is great if you all know the script which are katakana, hiragana and kanji.for the price its great This Japanese teaching textbook is well organised, containing pratical content, that you will find it useful in real life conversation.Plus, the price is reasonable It is a must buy Japanese language learning book