Mechanical Vibrations (Dover Civil and Mechanical Engineering) Audible –

I purchased Hartog s book together with Meirovitch s Fundamentals of Vibrations and Kelly s Schaum s Mechanical vibrations I must say that Hartog and Meirovitch complement each other beautifully whereas Kelly s book feels a little superfluous.It is clear from the book that Hartog himself had extensive experience with real world vibration analysis The theory is developed while analyzing a range of mechanical mechanisms and electrical circuits that frequently are important in real vibrating systems Hartogs book is therefore useful as a reference, for instance for how the piston excite vibrations in the engine frame Although quite old, the book does not feel dated The type setting is old school with numerous small but clear figures.Meirovitch s book is modern in its presentation Meirovitch prepares the reader for modern methods of vibration analysis such as frequency response analysis of continuous systems with the aid of the finite element method Meirovitch also make extensive use of matrix algebra and analytical mechanics However, Meirovitch lacks in practical examples.Overall I recomend the book, especially in combination with Meirovitch. I found Hartog s descriptions of vibrating bodies on moving bases very helpful in the class, and as a supplement to both the lectures and the assigned reading for the class out of Theory of Vibrations Horrible book by the way , the class ended up being not that bad Hartog though doesn t include many examples which made really understanding the concepts straight from his book a bit difficult. I used to rely on a mathematical approach to understanding vibration in years past This book gives me a deeper understanding using a intuitive, vectorial approach to illustrate the concepts The author doesn t skip any steps and practically fills in the blanks that other vibration books leave for the reader to figure out One of the best books I ve read on vibration. The text is not organized for easy reference The book is a lot of text without enough equations and figures. This Classic Text Combines The Scholarly Insights Of Its Distinguished Author With The Practical, Problem Solving Orientation Of An Experienced Industrial Engineer Topics Include The Kinematics Of Vibration, Degrees Of Freedom, Gyroscopic Effects, Relaxation Oscillations, Rayleigh S Method, And Abundant Examples And Figures, Plus Than Problems And Answers Edition