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but one must be seriously motivated to work through and understand this short book. This is a classic which does not receive the attention it deserves For an academic mathematical text it is very accessible This work is if anything important than Turing s paper On Computable Numbers with Application to the Etscheidungsproblem, which famously described the concept of a stored program computer. This is the seminal work that may be said to include the basic concepts, definitions and theorems of information and communication theory This book does not need any praise because anybody who had even an introductory education in computer science or electronics of communication will have met the name of Shannon if you haven t yet, please rush to Google and read his achievements.The beauty of this edition is twofold It includes two main parts First part is by Weaver, and you don t need anything than high school logic and algebra to understand the very clearly explained concepts The second part by Shannon is the real thing and for the mathematically educated reader, you need a fine grasp of probability theory, calculus, and a little bit of calculus of variations if you want to absorb all of the material.To sum it up, if you want to really understand what entropy means in terms of information theory, then this is THE book for it You ll also find very entertaining examples about the redundancy and entropy of the English language and how this relates to creating crossword puzzles in 2 dimension or 3 dimension.You owe it to yourself to read this short book if you are a computer scientist, computer engineer or electronics engineer. It s hard going for a general reader, but if you persist, you begin to get a rudimentary understanding, and a glimpse of what happens when science makes a breakthrough. But it s certainly a seminal work Had picked of some pieces of the thoughts in it over the years, thought it would be worth reading the original Had to do some mental calisthenics to follow some parts Glad to see Shannon getting fo the credit he so richly deserves. Scientific Knowledge Grows At A Phenomenal Pace But Few Books Have Had As Lasting An Impact Or Played As Important A Role In Our Modern World As The Mathematical Theory Of Communication, Published Originally As A Paper On Communication Theory Than Fifty Years Ago Republished In Book Form Shortly Thereafter, It Has Since Gone Through Four Hardcover And Sixteen Paperback Printings It Is A Revolutionary Work, Astounding In Its Foresight And Contemporaneity The University Of Illinois Press Is Pleased And Honored To Issue This Commemorative Reprinting Of A Classic