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5 thoughts on “Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences Edition: Third

  1. juan a cardona juan a cardona says:

    I don t know anything about this weird, imaginary, abstract math, but my wife seems to find this book useful I m all like can you explain a day to day use for this stuff and she s all like no She s into that weird theoretical voodoo math stuff though, so I don t ask too many questions But if she buys the Necronomicon any time soon I might be concerned.

  2. Rearden Steele Rearden Steele says:

    All too often students are thrust into mathematics courses in the engineering sciences only to find themselves underwater.Mary Boas is one of those mathematicians who loves to teach knows how and delivers the goods Boas artfully integrates calculus level concepts with the follow on material seamlessly so that when she is done the student is left with an integrated concept of what engineering mathematics is all about.The high point of this text is its coverage of complex variable The presentation does not go deep but is conceptually at the right level to give a firm footing for those who will pursue the subject in graduate school either as mathematicians or as engineering or physics majors I found the material in the earlier book this one relative to the second edition to be on a advanced level than the second edition indicative of the general decreasing level of preparation that incoming students appear to have had in the last 30 or so years.

  3. David Rodgers David Rodgers says:

    I am using the text for self study as part of a superb course in tools of the trade for chemists, biologists, and engineers The book contributes to the mix with a good balance of exposition, examples, and problems I am using the book and the course to refresh, relearn, and extend my competency in the material It is not a treatment for mathematicians but rather for the applied sciences It organizes all relevant material in one place and is a good reference as well as a good text for a course in the hands of a good instructor.I am lucky in that respect.

  4. mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer says:

    It is a very good book about mathematical methods in the sciences, introducing basic, necessary and helpful math techniques As a physics junior student, I found I need self study some math techniques to help me understand physics, so I bought this book this book is exactly satisfy my need.

  5. Tom Tom says:

    It s much easier using the book in hardcopy than in pdf since occassionaly you need to jump between chapters The dimensions of the paperback edition are not to bulky either, which is great.As far as content is concerned It s fine Pretty much covers all the applied math you need to know in undergrad level and even beyond It explains well also.