Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering 3rd Edition Paperback: A Comprehensive Guide kindle –

Not my favourite book about mathematics as a physicist, however this one can be a good choice, for example iniciating you to resolve ODE s You ll not regret about your purchase This is a wonderfully written reference for any math class Abstract topics are explained in a manner in which Engineers easily pick them up I went through my entire BS pretending to understand math and since we started using this book for my entry level graduate class, I ACTUALLY feel like I understand some of this stuff.If your instructor recommends this book, props to him, and lucky you If you just like math and wound up here without being forced to buy this book, I would get it anyway because its so good. I wish I had the RHB Riley, Hobson, and Bence , when I was in engineering school Alas, I was born too early a few decades too early We used Kreyszig, which was good But in my opinion, RHB s approach, style, and tone is better for the young engineering and physics students. This is probably the best math methods book out there I m only confused by its characterization as an undergraduate level book It is definitely graduate level, particularly in later chapters starting with DE s and complex analysis applications My guess it is so lucidly well written, and with available solutions that it is perfectly accessible to senior undergraduates as well Bought mine brand new and it came destroyed, ruined, and unusable by water damage The pages are stuck together and warm from what appears to be water damage Pages peal and tear when I try to open them because of this I will be returning this and expect a refund for this scam Terrific book, one phywical problem with binding a chapter was glued in upside down but very clear exposition Excellent review for applied math, machine learning, EE, physics students The Third Edition Of This Highly Acclaimed Undergraduate Textbook Is Suitable For Teaching All The Mathematics For An Undergraduate Course In Any Of The Physical Sciences As Well As Lucid Descriptions Of All The Topics And Many Worked Examples, It Contains Over Exercises New Stand Alone Chapters Give A Systematic Account Of The Special Functions Of Physical Science, Cover An Extended Range Of Practical Applications Of Complex Variables, And Give An Introduction To Quantum Operators Further Tabulations, Of Relevance In Statistics And Numerical Integration, Have Been Added In This Edition, Half Of The Exercises Are Provided With Hints And Answers And, In A Separate Manual Available To Both Students And Their Teachers, Complete Worked Solutions The Remaining Exercises Have No Hints, Answers Or Worked Solutions And Can Be Used For Unaided Homework Full Solutions Are Available To Instructors On A Password Protected Web Site, Cambridge