Audible MamieAuthor Tania McCartney –

Delightful picture book fictionalised account of May Gibb s life The story of Mamie and her artistic and creative ventures first in the English countryside then the Australian environment. An absolutely charming story about the enchanted life of May Gibbs. A delightful fictionalised account of May Gibbs childhood and search for fairies in her new homeland of Australia Whimsical illustrations capture the differences between England and Australia and Mamie s gradual immersion on the Australian landscape is cleverly reflected in her drawings.A page at the end presents adetailed account of May Gibbs life and success with her bush fairies immortalised through Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. A picture book biography of May Gibbs, beginning with the girl who became the author Interesting, well written and an enjoyable story. TO US SHE IS MAY GIBBS, CREATOR OF SNUGGLEPOT CUDDLEPIE BUT TO HER FAMILY, SHE WAS KNOWN AS MAMIE In a land far away, where fairies, pixies and elves live deep in the woods, a baby girl is born Her parents call her MamieMamie loves to sing and dance and paint with her magical woodland friends Her days are like a fairy taleBut when Mamie s family move to Australia, she misses green fields drenched with rain The hot skies and dusty plains of her new home turn Mamie s world upside down Will she ever find new fairy friends in this strange and beautiful land From the talented Tania McCartney comes an exquisite book that celebrates the life of renowned children s author and illustrator, May Gibbs An insightful peek into an imagined childhood of Australia s iconic creator May Gibbs Gorgeous, rich and highly detailed illustrations lots of things for adults to find and an obvious heart for the subject matter, this is a beautiful tribute to an extraordinary artist and writer and cartoonist May was many things Lots of stickers for this one. A stunning picture book biography about May Gibbs Beautiful, simple language accompanied by delightful illustrations.