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The books in the Making out series are fun and accessible guides to languages as they re spoken on the street These classic phrase books have been updated and expanded for use in informal situations such as bars, parties, or anywhere else one needs to know slang to survive The books also now feature phrases written in their native script as well as in English, so the book can be shown to the person you are trying to communicate with

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  1. Sarugumo Sarugumo says:

    This book is a great way to learn informal and relaxed Japanese and I really enjoyed reading through this and learning some phrases in it.This is very well laid out, with some Manga cartoons at the start of each chapter and brief descriptions after most phrases to explain the best way to use it and when to be extra careful This also has excellent Hiragana and Katakana translations and where Kanji is used it has Furagana above it This is excellent This actually has a lot of phrases that you can use in general conversations, rather than to hit on people or make out as the title suggests I have another colloquial Japanese phrase book called Dirty Japanese and that one is pretty dirty , but this one is accessible and useable in a wider range of circumstances.Japanese is an extremely polite and honorific language and my advice would be to learn the polite, formal forms first and then once you can differentiate between formal and informal phrases and the correct time to use each, then read this and start applying the phrases in the correct scenarios At worst you could get into a lot of trouble and cause a lot of offence using some of these phrases, or at best just come across as disrespectful and boorish Be aware these are not phrases to use with people you do not know well.This is a fun book and has some great phrases in it It will help push you on to a higher level in your Japanese langauge learning once you get a solid foundation behind you and you will be able to interact with Japanese people in a natural, relaxed way using this book There is also a sequal to this book which has a similar feel and is worth exploring if you enjoy this.

  2. James James says:

    This is my first review of an item, and I have bought lots of Japanese books and material, so I apologise if this is lengthy Geer s book has been instrumental in learning informal phrases and slang that has given me so much material to learn The information is laid out in a concise manner, with some phrases having notes with usage and examples which helps clarify the tone and expression to use in certain situations.There is a short introduction that essentially details the structure of the book and justifies the purpose of learning informal expressions and phrases Afterwards, you re launched straight into the greetings and expressions that aren t repetitive of usual books and phrases such as which can be used immediately to enhance your conversation past the usual and so on This is the core of the book You ll be able to have natural conversations with expressions and thoughts that transform the mundane conversing of learnt phrases into interesting and fluid ways that gives your second language character and this is before the flirting, insults and street fighting language is introduced While this is primarily the function of the book, it is essentially another case of learning the book of phrases and using them as much as possible to support your language development The headings are generally structured well but there are a couple of points where it jumps from feelings back to do you speak japanese and then suddenly forward into will you go out with me which can be a bit strange if you read this book straight through as I did Secondly, there are a couple of interesting rules used with slang that isn t always explained such as using and so on this might have been interesting to know why many adjectives rules can be changed this way to encourage independent learning and forming slang with other words but this is not a major issue.Formatting is almost flawless, with a couple of the hiragana being unclear above kanji, sometimes I struggled to distinguish what the kanji was read as but this was rare I think this was a good idea as it s forcing me to learn kanji alongside the expression which is a necessary evil.Finally, this is a book that thankfully drops the whole this is THE textbook to master Japanese or this will unlock the secrets to the language which is greatly appreciated It s simple and effective and I can assure any buyer that there are terms in this book that are not found in many textbooks though maybe I won t always be asking a girl into bed with me in Japanese it s still something to know If you want to transform your daily life into using expressions and terms that you might in English in Japanese then this book is for you though as mentioned it s half the battle, you will need to learn the phrases which is exactly the point of learning Learning insults, slang, flirts and everyday language is a huge benefit and I m already noticing the differences in my spoken Japanese I think this is an essential book and makes a refreshing change from the standard, and quite dry, books of asking Tanaka san how much the camera costs over, and over, again I d actually recommend this book as an essential to anyone who wants to take a break from grammar rules, conjugation and heavy conversation I cannot wait to master what I ve highlighted from this book Caution Learning these phrases and using them will immediately show a difference to your Japanese just be careful who you use it with

  3. Mr. ODR Moore Mr. ODR Moore says:

    Genuine language snippets that help you build rapport quickly

  4. Louis Louis says:

    This book contains adult humour and is for people wanting to impress and or date a Japanese person I recommend this book for people going to Japan but use caution , or people interested in the Japanese language.

  5. miratod miratod says:

    I bought this for my Japanese English friend who just understands Japanese but dont speak it properly D he was about to leave to Japan for the summer so I thought it will be very useful

  6. Louis Louis says:

    This book is both useful and funny It also explains what the literal meaning of words are and gives you a deeper understanding of Japanese With this book you will be able to ask someone out, be able to know slang names for intimate parts of the body and you will even be able to dump someone and insult them All angles are covered.

  7. Sarah Jayne Sarah Jayne says:

    Present for my younger sister who s been teaching herself Japanese for the last 2 or 3 years She likes thank you.