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Luganda is one of the widely spoken languages in Uganda, and has common characteristics with other languages of the region This handy small format phrase book is primarily intended to help the non Luganda speaker to get around and cope with everyday life It explains vowels, pronouns, numbers, and some grammar and phrases cover food, time, health, accommodation, weather, home, death, parts of the body, professions, and information

7 thoughts on “Luganda-English Phrase Book for Tourists

  1. Ames123 Ames123 says:

    I spend a month in Uganda on my own working at a community centre but this book was really useful for going to the market or chemist Even if you cant pick up the language if you take the book and point to what you want to say then it still works.

  2. MIss Susanne Steck MIss Susanne Steck says:

    I am very satisfied with the Luganda phrase book I am a beginner Luganda learner and had problems getting hold of course material I purchased a grammar from an antiques shop and have been looking for a simple phrase book to enable me to start conversation for a long time I could not believe my luck when I saw the low price The book also has over 10 pages of basic grammar, which I always use to refresh my memory and as on overview I have also bought all the books of the Luganda language series, which are fairly simple stories with pictures of varying level of difficulty, which are also recommended I found the Luganda section under the UK website best, so I suggest to anyone from France, Germany, US interested in Luganda titles to have a look on the UK website as well.

  3. ikasodna ikasodna says:

    50p 2000

  4. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    This is a good book that can really be helpful to learn the language I am not committed to reading a lot of it but I am using it alone with a program found online Together it is great because I can hear the words and read them enough to understand Retaining the information is just a problem.I will say it is much easier than Spanish.much easier.Enjoy

  5. anonymous anonymous says:

    I ve tried some of these phrases out on my Luganda tutor, and they seem to be up to date There are some city phrases here that I couldn t find elsewhere for example Ommanja mmeka for How much does it cost You should know that there is a Luganda phrase list available for free on the internet that may even be a little comprehensive If you live in the U.S., it s probably not worth paying the cost of shipping Nanfuka s book over from Europe.

  6. Randy L. Kern Randy L. Kern says:

    This was a gift.

  7. STEPHEN N. STEPHEN N. says: