Read eBook Linear Functional Analysis (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series)Author Bryan Rynne –

This Introduction To The Ideas And Methods Of Linear Functional Analysis Shows How Familiar And Useful Concepts From Finite Dimensional Linear Algebra Can Be Extended Or Generalized To Infinite Dimensional Spaces Aimed At Advanced Undergraduates In Mathematics And Physics, The Book Assumes A Standard Background Of Linear Algebra, Real Analysis Including The Theory Of Metric Spaces , And Lebesgue Integration, Although An Introductory Chapter Summarizes The Requisite Material A Highlight Of The Second Edition Is A New Chapter On The Hahn Banach Theorem And Its Applications To The Theory Of Duality This undergrad text is extremely clear, with lots of examples and exercises I thought the coverage was a bit limited, even for an undergrad text and the writing style is kind of dry Still, it s perhaps even easier than Kreyszig. I highly recommend this book for independent study or as a supplement to a text You can see if you re on the right track with exercises because the text has solutions and hints in the back People must keep in mind that this book focuses on linear functional analysis and not functional analysis in general. Muy buen servicio qued completamente satisfecho, por eso me guata comprar siempre que he comprado me ha gustado el servicio.