[Leer] ➻ Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations: An Elementary Introduction (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) ➸ Brian Hall – Z55z.co

OK This Textbook Treats Lie Groups, Lie Algebras And Their Representations In An Elementary But Fully Rigorous Fashion Requiring Minimal Prerequisites In Particular, The Theory Of Matrix Lie Groups And Their Lie Algebras Is Developed Using Only Linear Algebra, And Motivation And Intuition For Proofs Is Provided Than In Most Classic Texts On The SubjectIn Addition To Its Accessible Treatment Of The Basic Theory Of Lie Groups And Lie Algebras, The Book Is Also Noteworthy For Including A Treatment Of The Baker Campbell Hausdorff Formula And Its Use In Place Of The Frobenius Theorem To Establish Deeper Results About The Relationship Between Lie Groups And Lie Algebrasmotivation For The Machinery Of Roots, Weights And The Weyl Group Via A Concrete And Detailed Exposition Of The Representation Theory Of Sl C An Unconventional Definition Of Semisimplicity That Allows For A Rapid Development Of The Structure Theory Of Semisimple Lie Algebrasa Self Contained Construction Of The Representations Of Compact Groups, Independent Of Lie Algebraic ArgumentsThe Second Edition Of Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, And Representations Contains Many Substantial Improvements And Additions, Among Them An Entirely New Part Devoted To The Structure And Representation Theory Of Compact Lie Groups A Complete Derivation Of The Main Properties Of Root Systems The Construction Of Finite Dimensional Representations Of Semisimple Lie Algebras Has Been Elaborated A Treatment Of Universal Enveloping Algebras, Including A Proof Of The Poincar Birkhoff Witt Theorem And The Existence Of Verma Modules Complete Proofs Of The Weyl Character Formula, The Weyl Dimension Formula And The Kostant Multiplicity FormulaReview Of The First Edition This Is An Excellent Book It Deserves To, And Undoubtedly Will, Become The Standard Text For Early Graduate Courses In Lie Group Theory An Important Addition To The Textbook Literature It Is Highly Recommended The Mathematical Gazette Great book This book is very well introduction to this topic because have a minimal prerequisites For example Part 1 using only Linear algebra Further, in Part 1 Hall explains matrix Lie groups with many examples and some geometrical physical interpretations I recommend this book for both mathematicians and physicists. Great book and service