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My description of this book is hot, raunchy, salacious and erotic while being sensual, arousing and captivating Extracts from Chatwere posted on Facebook and removed It was said to depicted Nudity of all things I would have thought phonographic Here are a few of the comments that were posted on that extract before it was removed StephenVery, very, hot and sexy Stephen N G you are a fucking hot, hot, EROTIC NOVEL WRITER N G Love your work Jo Ann Awesome Belinda ,,,, Fabulous Hot Awesome This book, Licentious Rapture is a collection of stories In writing this book, the author considered the needs of women He wrote these stories so any woman can easily get into the mindset of the story She will feel that he is writing to her personally This book is not the be all and end all of sex This book explores the need for deep passionate love and desire Something all women crave above all else Those who will get pleasure from these stories are single woman who are busy and unattached Others who will get a lot of pleasure are the partner in a sexless marriage or woman with a high sex drive Or perhaps you just want to discover about your own sexuality, and you want to have some extra marital fun without acting on that urge in reality These are stories of electrifying seduction, ravishingly insatiable kisses, delectable and appetizing foreplay Then we come to the sex Well what can I say You will feel the actions of penetration and all that goes with it The incredible descriptive nature of his writing takes over your mind and feelings The descriptive nature of the authors writing will arouse not just your sexual organs, but also the entire body as he captures your mind The detailed and descriptive words will draw the reader into feeling the passion of the kisses You will shudder at the descriptive movement of the tongue and lips, as they sucking and licking the erogenous zones of your body The salacious movement along your neck and around your ears as you shudder from the chill of the exhaled breath Your mind will follow the titillating feeling of fingertips, being feathering over the skin of your lower stomach and along your inner thighs This is not a wham bam thank you mama type book Nor was it ever intended for it to be one It is not a book where the woman in question gets fucked a hundred times by a hundred different guys There are enough of those books out there without me adding to them It is, however, a book that will connect with the emotions and desires of a woman and will most certainly leave them extremely wet What happens personally during the reading of each of these stories is up to the reader StorySeparation, is a descriptive sex chat between a couple and written totally in dialogue They have found themselves separated from each other for long periods They come up with a solution to their problem by use the internet to maintain their sexual gratification It has the added benefits in allowing them to explore some of their fantasies David finds out the submissive nature of Liz and a craving she has had but has not explored with him They do get together whenever possible However, their sexual cravings require than these short liaisons Reading this story, you will understand how they have adapted to satisfy their sexual desires In between these, too infrequent times together They share oral sex, blowjob cowgirl, multiple orgasms and rough hard fucking The use of the most sensitive of all organs is at play in this book It is the organ, which has the most influence in any intercourse Yet it receives the least amount of attention I am talking about the brain

10 thoughts on “Licentious Rapture: (Hot, Arousing, Salacious, Raunchy, Erotic, Sensual, and Captivating)

  1. Danielle Harris Danielle Harris says:

    Erotic at its best Once again this author can get you panting like a female dog in heat This was a very sexy read now its time for a cold shower.

  2. Ria - Reading Is Our Satisfaction Ria - Reading Is Our Satisfaction says:

    Three hot sexy rides in one bookErotic Storm takes the reader on a true orgasmic ride He she makes the reader feel as though everything is happening to them They have become one of the characters in the story Every nuance, touch, feel and taste is experienced It is exception mind and body play on the part of the author My only fault, that I found, the stories just weren t long enough But all in all they were a wonderfully erotic read.

  3. Chris Mcgarry Chris Mcgarry says:

    Simply put, while Licentious Rapture isn t for everybody s tastes, fans of the erotica and new erotica genres will enjoy the novel from beginning to end The author s highly descriptive style of writing exudes wild, fiery hot sexual passion The scenes themselves were impeccably written and draw readers in N.G Venaglia appears to have a strong grasp of the new erotica genre including intimacy and sexuality.

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    Mel s reviewLoved this book Made me wantSatisfying read from beginning to end I ll read it again there s no doubt